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Liva & Laia : 1 Year + 1 (and a bit) Weeks

By Stine Kuskner - Mon 11th Jul 2011

Laia recently discovered her belly-button. With this warm weather we're having, they just wear little dresses and underwear over their diapers, Laia loves pulling up her dress and looking at her belly-button. A few days ago I showed her mine, she thought that was absolutely hillarious. Yesterday, she saw it again when she pulled up my shirt while we were playing. She started laughing, and pulled up her dress to look at her own. Today I showed her Liva's, she completely cracked up! I don't think Liva understood why Laia laughed, but she understood that Laia laughed when she pulled up her dress, so our entire walk home in their stroller, Liva was pulling up her dress while Laia was laughing her little head off and touching her own belly-button.

We went out without the stroller again this afternoon, Liva was on their little car and Laia walked holding my hand, waiving to everybody on our way with her other hand. We went to the playground, where their new favorite thing is the slide. They can both get up the slide (on the actual sliding part, not the steps like all the other kids...), turn around, sit down and push themselves off. Very impressive for 1-year old girls! I had brought a bag with toys, when we arrived home I had left the bag on the floor in front of the elevator while I helped Liva get the car through the door. Laia picked up the bag and carried it into the house! Big girl!!

I do loads of "tests" with them to see if they understand what I say (in Danish), and get equally surprised every time! Commands such as "lift your feet", "stop", "give me your hand", "give [the pacifier / the shoe / the cup] to Laia/Liva" they understand no problem. Other times I say things just because I'm talking to them out of habbit, and they do what I say, even when I hadn't meant for them to understand me. I guess I have to be really careful now with the things I say!

When I went to work this afternoon, Laia blew me a kiss. It's not something we have practiced, they have seen people on the street doing it to them but we haven't done it much. So Albert and I were quite surprised when Laia did it today.

Today was one of those days where I was amazed at how much they can do at only 1 year old. And one of those days where I was about to explode, not with being fed up like in my post yesterday, but with pride! So many people commented on how sweet and beautiful Liva and Laia are, especially this afternoon when we went out without the stroller was a spectacle without compare; people stopping on the street, waiving back at Laia and watching Liva speed off on her little car. I am so, so proud of my amazing girls!!

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