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Spain : 6 Months of Lies and Bullshit

By Mr Grumpy - Tue 15th Jan 2013

About 6 Months ago I drank too much wine one Friday night and ranted off a quick blog titled " Smoke, Lies and Bullshit ". Basically, in a moment of alcohol fuelled belligerence I was questioning why so many in public authority in Spain were allowed to spout utter shite and yet TV Interviewers and serious journo types allowed these crap-mongerers to go unchallenged.

Six months down the line it seems that my rant was 'sadly prophetic', whilst the lies told were 'sadly pathetic' (see what I did there ?... That Grammar School Education wasn't wasted.)

Although I far from being any Jeremy Paxman, and probably look more like David Dimbleby, I just find it odd that so many politicians in charge of certain projects are not held accountable for so many promises that are repeatedly broken.

Carlos Fabra : 6 Months ago the President of Aerocas - the company behind Castellon Airport - guaranteed that the facility would be operational by January the 1st 2013, when the first of 1'000 flights per year would arrive at the airport.

Today, the airport is still unopened, and although apparently under offer to a Libyan Investment Group. Let's hope the latest guarantee of it being open by June 30th can be believed.

Jesus Samper : 6 Months ago the President of Premursa - the Promoter and Developer of the Paramount Theme Park - guaranteed that construction would start at the Park on January the 15th 2013.

Today, it seems, that Murcia's Minister of Culture and Tourism confirmed that work would now commence on February the 28th.

President Valcarcel : The Regional Premier of Murcia guaranteed that Corvera Airport would be operational in October of 2012.

Now, it is looking like we will be lucky to see the airport become operational by the Summer of 2013.

Prime Minister Rajoy : Upon his inauguration as the new Prime Minister of Spain, the PP leader announced he would not increase the rate of IVA. .

Barely 6 months after taking office, and 2 weeks after my Blog, the PM announced that the rate of IVA would increase from the 1st of September 2012.

I just question why any of these lying B'stards actually think that the general public believe any of this Bullshit anymore. They should maybe consider saving their breaths, and the journalists should save their column inches - or grow a pair of balls and ask some uncomfortable questions of them instead.

Comment on this Blog

They may all be liars and thiefs worldwide but I wouldn't want their job!
Chris Flowers - Wed, 15th May 2013
Totally agree Clare, but from what I can tell at least the uk and many other countries have journalists and opposition parties that are not happy just to accept things as the way they are.
Mr Grumpy - Sat, 2nd Feb 2013
I personally can't see the difference between Spanish or British politicians...they all lie, it's a pre-requisite for the job.
Clare Pinoso - Thu, 24th Jan 2013
Living (and paying taxes) in the amazing Comunitat Valenciana, I'm sure you will enjoy (or have an orgasm) the fact that Generalitat will be soon the owner of the Football Clubs 'Valencia', 'Hércules' and 'Elche'. Ex Molt Honorable Paco Camps, how much we miss you!
Sareb El Malo - Thu, 24th Jan 2013
Don't let them wear you down, Mr. Grumpy. Fix yourself a large glass of Wincarnis and remember the words of Charles de Gaulle - 'Since a politician never believes what he says, he is quite surprised to be taken at his word.'
Mick Costa Blanca - Tue, 22nd Jan 2013

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