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Some satellite TV channels lost across Spain

Source: Expatriate Healthcare - Sun 9th Dec 2012
Some satellite TV channels lost across Spain

A number of UK television channels have been transferred to the new satellite at 28.2º east, Astra 2F, meaning that they have been lost to certain countries in mainline Europe.

Among these countries are Portugal and Spain, where expatriates are worrying about the inability to watch the programmes which they are used to.

Channel 5 is one of the channels which has vanished, but Astra has said that will depend on which spotbeam Sky decides to use, whether or not the missing channels will return.

Since there are a large number of expats and bars with legal Sky registrations it seems unlikely that the company would want to lose such custom.

Some people can receive the BBC, ITV, Channel 4 and Channel 5 on Astra 2D and Astra 1N and those receiving information from these satellites are unlikely to see their services change.

Madrid, Alicante and Murcia have all reported having better signal over the last year, however the same areas have been experiencing poor reception over the last few days.

It is understood that this is due to changeover of Satellites from the older Astra 1N satellite to the news Astra 2F - the newer one of which has a smaller footprint, leaving certain areas out of range.

How is the UK TV reception in your area ? Let us know your comments below....

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Comment on this Story

Hi - I live in Fuente Alamo, Murcia and am hoping that my dish just needs a "tweak". I also think it might be a good idea to move my1.4 m dish as I have a tree next to it and although I cut the branches this might also affect reception - it is a ground standing dish as I have plenty of room - any idea how much this would cost please,
Lindsie - Sun, 12th Jul 2015
Lindsie, it is difficult to say without knowing exactly where you are in Spain, but some channels, inc FIve, moved to a new satellite last week, and this new satellite is slightly different in reception characteristics to the previous satellite FIVE was on. It may simply mean your dish needs a tweak back into realignment, or it means your dish is now just a tad too small to receive those signals.... I have more information on my blog :
Satandpcguy - Mon, 22nd Jun 2015
I have lost all channel 5 stations and the others are very broken. Really angry as I was in the middle of watching Big Brother lol!! I don't know if these channels will come back - I have a 1.4 m dish - can anyone help - what do i need to do?
Lindsie - Mon, 22nd Jun 2015
Hi I am still watching UK TV in southern Spain I am using some software I bought from I can watch sky sports and BBC iPlayer ITV Player and about 2000 other channels I do not have to pay a subscription I just paid 25 euros for the software which was a one time payment. I also get loads of on demand movies. To use it you must have a good broadband connection though. I hope this helps a few people.
Gupta - Mon, 31st Mar 2014
I am living in Malaga and noticed a drop in service at the end of last year. I would like a big dish to cover the change but the quotes im getting are far too expensive. I am using to watch the BBC & ITV channels on my laptop at the moment, is ok temp fix.
Fergie - Thu, 17th Oct 2013
We are based on the Costa del Sol, in the region of Fuengirola & Mijas. Currently, we are receiving BBC & ITV channels 1-4, Channel 4, Film 4, but not Channel 5. We do not subscribe to Sky TV, so the only 'free' Sky channel is Sky News. We use a FreeSat box and a 1.8M dish. Since there is so much contradictory information on the internet, I think it is best to sit tight and wait until all the channels are transferred to be able to see what is available and what is not. Then make the appropriate decisions. If we are without TV, or certain channels, for a while so be it. It is better to know exactly what you are dealing with before spending time and money (if necessary) on solutions that may turn out to be unsatisfactory.
Bluesman - Sat, 4th May 2013
In our part of the Baleares we are supposed to be losing BBC and ITV this summer unless we spend 3000€ on a new dish etc. So say our 'experts' What do we do ?
David Shaw - Thu, 11th Apr 2013
The Huddersfield Examiner local newspaper in the UK has reported widespread "Expat Hysteria" in Spain due to problems with the TV signal. I think many Expats have got more pressing worries than becoming "Hysterical" over TV signals during these difficult times.
Mr Grumpy - Wed, 2nd Jan 2013
"C5 is one of the channels which has vanished, but Astra has said that will depend on which spotbeam Sky decides to use, whether or not the missing channels will return." - Channel 5, BBC and ITVs are nothing to do with Sky, and if C5, bbc and itv want to be on the UK beam then that is up to them and not Sky. "Some people can receive the BBC, ITV, Channel 4 and Channel 5 on Astra 2D and Astra 1N and those receiving information from these satellites are unlikely to see their services change." Astra 2d has not carried any channel since Feb 2012, when they all moved to Astra 1N. Channels on Astra 1N will be moved to the new satellites - so actually people will see their service and reception change. And the changeover will not stop with 2F, we still have 2e and 2g to come, which may also see changes in reception for Sky pay channel also - including HD channels. But in some areas, particularly the Valencia and CB North area, 1m dishes have seen NO CHANGE in reception of these "
Sat And Pc Guy - Mon, 10th Dec 2012

Keith : If you click the link > HERE < you will be able to see that consumer are being advised that a "sharp drop-off" of signal (on a 1.4mt dish) is to be expected around the Valencia area.

Tumbit - Admin - Sun, 9th Dec 2012
"Madrid, Alicante, Murcia have reported having better signal over the last year with Madrid, Alicante, Murcia experiencing poor reception" Erm, this sentence doesn't make sense. In Sitges I have lost channel 5 and all its derivitives 5 star 5 plus 1 etc and 4HD and 4seven basically all of the ones that went to the new satellite. I miss the Matthew Wright show in the morning. Is this a dish size problem?
Keith Lynwood (sitges) - Sun, 9th Dec 2012

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