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Access Your UK Pension Fund Before It Falls In Value !

By Robert Burns BA (Hons), FCCA , Cert PFS - Wed 8th Dec 2010

We continue to receive enquiries on a daily basis from people who, either because they are short of funds now, or because they are simply disillusioned with the UK pension system and prefer to control their own investments, wish to transfer their UK pension elsewhere in order to meet their requirements.

The attraction of doing so is compounded by technical changes in UK law which will, for those who have deferred pensions in final salary pension schemes, soon result in dramatic reductions in their transfer values. In fact the nature of this change can easily be thought of as an effective confiscation by the State of part of your pension fund. There are other proposed changes which will, if implemented, result in further future “confiscations” for some.

So - what can you do about it? - Take control is the simple answer.

Here are some of the methods of taking control that we are able to offer you:

1. If you left the UK before 6 April 2005 you can transfer your UK pension fund to New Zealand and receive a capital sum of 100% of the fund value, irrespective of your age.

2. If you are a UK resident (or left the UK recently) we can arrange through a process known as pension reciprocation, access to a capital sum irrespective of your age.

3. If you left the UK before 6 April 2005, do not need a capital sum immediately but may do so later, or if you require maximum flexibility, confidentiality, and investment freedom then we can deliver this and more by a transfer (via a QROPS) to a New Zealand Foreign Trust.

4. If you do not need a capital sum and are content with a conventional investment strategy then consider a transfer to a Guernsey, Maltese or Isle of Man QROPS.

5. If you prefer a more conventional UK based solution for your pension fund, but all the same want to have control, we can arrange a UK based self invested personal pension (SIPP) for you. This may have particular relevance if you are planning to return to the UK.

6. If you have substantial assets and wish to achieve protection from UK IHT then a Qualifying non UK pension scheme (QNUPS) may be the answer.

7. And for anyone who lives outside the UK, but is employed by a UK employer carrying out their duties overseas a “section 615” pension fund can deliver some amazing tax planning accompanied by total investment flexibility.

We can say with absolute confidence that we are the only firm in Spain (and probably the only firm in Europe) who are able to consider your requirements and deliver them using one or more of the arrangements set out briefly above.

If you have any questions or comments regarding your pension please feel free to either post them (below) or contact us directly by clicking on the link to our page (above).

Comment on this Blog

Brian, thank you for your comments. Providing your pension funds have a transfer value in excess of GBP 20,000 then we can use a scheme known as Pension Reciprocation to enable you to access a lump sum of up to 50 % of the value of your funds. Please feel free to contact us, at Premier Pension Solutions by following the above link if you would like us to gather the information for you and provide you with our no obligation review. Kind regards, Robert Burns
Robert Burns - Mon, 13th Dec 2010
I have been living in spain for two years now,I work full time for a british company,I have 4 pension schemes in the uk standard life,M@s ,coop,norwich union union,I am not sure how much they are worth! Is it possible to have access to any of these via QROPS. thank you
Brian Wilson - Fri, 10th Dec 2010

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