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Liva & Laia - 2.5 Weeks : 17 July 2010

By Stine Kuskner - Wed 30th Mar 2011

Albert and I are going out to dinner tonight, just the 2 of us.

Approximately 1 year ago Albert lost a bet we made, my prize was a dinner at a nice Thai restaurant in the center.

When he came home from work yesterday he found a card and a small present on his side of the bed, as a thank you for being such a patient and understanding husband. I know I haven't been easy, not during the pregnancy and not now - lack of sleep, too much attention on the girls and my parents and not enough on him, etc. He's so caring and wonderful with me, sometimes I feel I don't deserve him! I know how lucky I am, and I wanted him to know that I know. For now, a card and a small present was all I could think of.

The dinner was great. I had no problem saying goodbye to the girls and leaving them with my parents, it's not like it's the first time I'm going out without them... The food was - as always at this place - wonderful, and it was soooooo nice being out with my husband and just being Stine & Albert, not being Liva & Laia's parents!

As if confirming that Albert is the greatest guy in the world, he gave me a present - a beautiful necklace with a diamond which matches my wedding ring. It's the most beautiful necklace I have ever owned, and I feel bad about my pathetic little present for him yesterday! I love him so much, and I really don't deserve him!

Oh, by the way - Laia's umbilical cord has come off. Gross... Her little belly button is perfect. Now we can bathe her, and hopefully Liva's will come off soon as well.

Comment on this Blog

Very nice! ... but what was the bet ?...
Jo Green - Wed, 30th Mar 2011

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