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Liva & Laia : 8 Weeks - 10 Weeks

By Stine Kuskner - Sun 3rd Apr 2011

2 MONTHS - 29 Aug. 2010

We've been in Denmark for a little over a week, and it's been great. The weather is wonderful for Danish standards, though a bit too cold for my likings! The girls get goosepumps when they are naked, and I've had to go out and buy warmer clothes for them. But we're all having a great time, I heard Laia laugh for the first time. Both girls laugh a lot, but without sound, they just kind of open their mouth and look happy. But the other day Laia actually laughed! :) They have both started "talking" loads, they're slowly becoming aware of each other though they strangely enough don't really look at each other. They like looking at people, focusing on their faces, even my niece and nephew, but not each other. They hold their heads really well, and prefer sitting to lying. They are totally sociable and are happy to be wherever there are people.

We miss daddy a lot, and take loads of pictures which we e-mail to him every few days. He shows them to his mom as well, this way we can all feel a bit closer though we're almost a whole continent apart.

ALMOST 10 WEEKS - 5 Sept. 2010

My mom's family have been here all weekend. They came Saturday afternoon, we celebrated my cousin's son's 4th birthday. It was fun seeing everybody, and it was nice being told once again how lovely our girls are. Once again everybody wanted to hold the girls, and once again they were on their best behaviour, my proud mother-heart was about to explode with pride and love! This evening it only got better, my parents have friends over and have been playing bridge all day. I took my girls and met up with a friend, I didn't feel like spending the day with my parent's friends and disrupting their game.

We came home around 7 pm as they were just finishing the last hand. But everything stopped when we came home, and everyone crowded around me to see the girls. I had Laia in my arms, Liva was still outside in the stroller - I can only pick up 1 girl at a time from that stroller. So my dad, the proud grandfather, rushed out to get Liva, and both my parents glowed as their friends admired the girls. I took the girls to the back of the house, bathed them, fed them and put them to bed. My parent's friends apparently commented on various occassions how incredibly beautiful and well behaved the girls are, and that it's incredible there isn't a sound with 2 2-month old babies in the house. I can only agree! :)

10 WEEKS - 7 Sept. 2010

Back in Barcelona! The flight home went OK, not as easy as the flight to DK, but nothing worth writing about. We were 3 hours delayed, the waiting time at Copenhagen airport was tough. But we made it, and it was soooooooooooooo good to see Albert at Barcelona airport!! We went home and had a nice, relaxing evening together. Though I miss my family & friends in Denmark, Barcelona is where I feel at home.

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