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Liva & Laia : 10.5 Weeks - 11 Weeks

By Stine Kuskner - Sun 3rd Apr 2011

10.5 WEEKS - 9 Sept. 2010

Another doctor's appointment today, their 2-month check-up. When Albert came home from work we took a child each in a baby carrier and off we went. We had estimated the girls to weigh between 4 and 4.5 kgs, last time they were weighed was about 1 month ago and they weighed 3.5 kgs. Were we surprised to find out that Laia weighs 5220 gr and is 58 cm, and Liva weighs 5400 gr and is 59 cm. Wow, how they've grown!! No wonder they can't fit half their clothes anymore.... Reflexes, sight, hearing etc all OK. They hold their own heads, they love standing and they're developing just as they should. We were told to put them on their belly more, they had no idea what to do when the doctor put them face down. They should be able to lift their head at least a bit from this position, but they both just lay there like a sack of potatoes, looking all confused. We haven't been putting them on their belly at all, no wonder they don't know what to do. So that's the next project with them, teach them to lift their heads when on their bellies!

After the doctor's appointment we went to Babies R Us and bought a huge bathtub for them. They love being bathed, we came home too late to try it out today but we'll definitely bathe them tomorrow.

STILL 10.5 WEEKS - 10 Sept. 2010

We bathed them in their new tub today, they loved it. It was so sweet to see them splash around, especially Liva. It has a built-in seat so we don't have to hold them much, which lets us play with them in the water instead. I'm already looking forward to bathing them again! :)

Now my mother-in-law is here and Albert and I are going out to dinner, no kids! :)

11 WEEKS - 14 Sept. 2010

I AM THE WORLD'S WORST MOTHER!!!!!!!!!! I wanted to cut Laia's nails - it's not the first time I cut the girls' nails - and I cut her finger!! She cried and cried and cried, and blood flowed and flowed and flowed!! It wouldn't stop! It bled so much I couldn't even see how bad the damage was. Eventually I started crying and then Liva started crying. I was all alone, I had NO idea what to do. So I called Albert at work. He suggested I go to the doctor. I wasn't showered or dressed, the girls were just in diapers coz it's quite warm, and I couldn't think straight. Laia had stopped crying, but I hadn't.... I eventually managed to get the girls and myself dressed, all while still crying though Laia had long stopped, but when I could think clearly for a moment I realized Laia seemed OK, and her thumb had stopped bleeding. I took a close look, and the damage really wasn't that bad, at least not bad enough to rush to the doctor. Laia is OK, but I have felt extremely guilty all day. I NEVER want to hurt either of my girls ever again!! Once again, Albert was just incredible! Besides telling me that it's OK, it's what happens, it happens to everyone (I still feel horrible and am not sure I believe him!), he offered to give me a massage tonight. AND when Laia wouldn't sleep and I could do nothing to calm her down, he took her and walked around the house with her until she fell asleep in his arms. What a man, what have I done to be so lucky?

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