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Liva & Laia - Almost 3 Months

By Stine Kuskner - Mon 4th Apr 2011

ALMOST 3 MONTHS - 26 Sept. 2010

We took the girls out all day for 2 days this weekend, and they did just great!! Friday was the Mercè, Barcelona's Patron Saint, a public holiday which meant Albert was home. We had a great, relaxing day where we spent most of the day at home just enjoying being together as a family. In the afternoon we went to visit my mother-in-law at my brother-in-law's house, she's taking care of their 2 boys (almost 4 years and 16 months) for 4 days while my brother-in-law and his wife are in Berlin for the annual Berlin marathon, bless her!

Saturday morning we went to IKEA, as everyone knows that's a pretty stressful experience! But we managed to buy everything we came for (and a lot of stuff we didn't come for!) without arguing or killing anyone. The girls did great! While we waited for some of the things we had bought, I fed the girls. Albert rode home with some South Americans who are always at the entrance offering cheap transport, while I took public transportation back to Barcelona center. We met in the center and went to a DIY center. After spending time there we were hungry so went for sushi. All the time the girls were in their stroller sleeping or looking around - as much as they can look at only 3 months... We left at 9:15 in the morning and didn't get back until 7 hours later. The girls were sooooo good all day, we were so proud of them!!

Time came to put them to bed, they were extremely tired so I tried putting them to bed 1 hour earlier than normal. Liva cried and cried until she eventual started screaming hysterically. Laia started getting all nervous because of Liva's screaming, so Albert took her into the livingroom. I stayed with Liva for about 30 minutes, I was adamant not to give up - she has to learn! Eventually she was so hysterical that there was just no way she'd calm down, and we were both quite worried - we've never seen her THAT bad before. Suddenly it struck me that they hadn't eaten much all day, and they hadn't eaten for hours. We fed them, and Liva ate like her life depended on it. Poor girl , she must have been soooo hungry, and her mean mother just let her scream for 30 minutes. Man, I felt horrible, once again I felt like the world's worst mother!! As soon as we put her in bed after she had eaten she fell asleep straight away.

Today I met up with a friend in town and took the girls along so Albert could clean the house :) We were out for 4 hours, and once again the girls were great! When we came home they ate, played for a while and then we bathed them. We chilled on the couch all 4 together, fed the girls and put them to bed. They slept straigh away (Liva actually fell asleep while eating), and have slept until now - time to wake them up for their last feeding of the day. If all goes well they'll sleep until around 6 tomorrow morning, eat and sleep again until 8 or 9.

I love my girls, I love my husband and I absolutely adore my life!!

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