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Liva & Laia : Still 15.5 Weeks

By Stine Kuskner - Tue 5th Apr 2011

STILL 15.5 WEEKS - 9 Oct. 2010

MEN!!!! The girls have a fixed schedule which I keep during the week - they wake up around 8, and sleep again around, 10:00, 13:00 and 16:00 for approximately 45 minutes. I didn't create this schedule, they did.

Today we wanted to go to a shop with antique furniture but at the same time Albert's mom's coming over at 14:00, so I said to Albert already yesterday it might be difficult to make it. The girls are used to taking their 1 o'clock nap in the stroller, but at 10:00 they sleep at home - it's too early to leave anyways, we can't all get showered and ready for 10:00.

At 10:45 Albert asks - for the second time - when I want to leave. I tell him - for the second time - that it depends on the girls' schedule and when they wake up. So he says "OK, so you want to leave at 13:00 or what?" Completely unneccessary since Laia was already awake and dressed, we just had to wait for Liva to wake up. But I know Albert and his pissy moods, so I woke up Liva, poor girl. As I was dressing her, Albert wanted to put Laia in the stroller, but I told hin to wait because they had to eat first, and I had to prepare milk for them as well. So he gets all pissed and says that OK, as always we'll do what I want. I try to explain that it's not what I want, I would also like to go to that shop, but now we have 2 little girls in our life, we have to do what they want. He didn't seem to believe me, it was what I want - as always.... So I feed the girls, and think that maybe Albert would prepare the milk or the stroller or something. Wrong.... After feeding them I prepare milk, prepare bottles to take with us in case the girls get hungry while we're out, and I get the stroller ready - forget their teddies, blankest and parasol. We go for a walk and don't talk the entire time because Albert's in a bad mood. We get to Diagonal with Bruc and I tell him that my work has rented a place somewhere around there but I haven't seen it yet. He asks why they have rented a place and I tell him it's because they need more space for classrooms. "They could set up a day-care for the kids then, too" was his reply. Followed by silence... I enventually say "Why doesn't your work do that, there are parents working there, too?" Followed by silence.... Nothing more was said on the walk. What a great way to ruin a perfectly nice Saturday, all just because we couldn't go to the shop he wanted to go to. And had it not been for his mom coming at 14:00 we could have made it without problems, so you could say it's his own fault - but of course he'd never say that!

STILL 15.5 WEEKS - 10 Oct. 2010

Just to finish off the story from yesterday, my mother-in-law called at 14:10 to say she wouldn't be at our place until about 16:00. Albert got mad at her over the phone, and after talking to her he decided to go grocery shopping. My mother-in-law doesn't like it when her sons are mad at her, so the poor woman rushed over here as quickly as she could, without having lunch or anything - and Albert wasn't even home. But at least she got to see the girls, and her and me had a good laugh about how silly men can be.

Laia rolled over this morning!! We've been practicing lying on the belly, Laia is getting really good, Liva still struggles and gets angry when we put her on her belly. This morning I decided to practice with them, and while I was helping Liva, Laia suddenly rolled onto her back! I put her back on her belly, and straight away she rolled to the other side, onto her back. We did it 2 more times, she seemed to find it quite fun, too. And I was just sooo proud of my little girl!! :)

STILL 15.5 WEEKS - STILL 10 Oct. 2010

L'Avi - grandpa - came over today. He doesn't live in Barcelona, and since neither he nor we have a car we don't see him as often as we'd like. So he came over around noon, we had lunch and coffee and around 17:00 he left. It was nice seeing him again, and he was happy to see the girls.

The reason I've decided to tell this exciting information is to praise Albert, after all the criticizing I've been doing in the last posts. Albert cleaned the whole house - swept and vacuumed the floor, cleaned the bathroom, took down bags and bags of garbage - he cooked the entire lunch with no help, he cleaned the kitchen afterwards, and when he wasn't working he helped with the girls! So though I get really annoyed with him at times, I appreciate everything he does, and that happens more often than me getting annoyed! I guess that's why we'll be celebrating our 2-year wedding-anniversary tomorrow! :)

My mother-in-law is coming at 9:00, we've rented a mini-van and are going to Ikea, Leroy Merlin, Bauhaus etc. While I was in Denmark, Albert insulated the whole livingroom, we've bought wood to put on the ceiling to cover the insulation, and we need to buy some other things for it tomorrow. Once again, what a guy!

In the evening we're going out to dinner to celebrate. We've decided to go to the hotel where we held the wedding-dinner & party 2 years ago - it's not a very romantic restaurant, but we find the idea quite romantic (though maybe not very original?!). So my mother-in-law will get to spend the entire day with the girls, she's really looking forward to it.

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