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Liva & Laia : Almost 20 Weeks - Almost 21 Weeks

By Stine Kuskner - Wed 6th Apr 2011

ALMOST 20 WEEKS - 14 Nov. 2010

All week we've been feeding the girls porridge, on Friday I started using only a spoon, no more bottles. They're doing OK, Liva is quite good and eats most of what she's given. Laia struggles and spits out about as much as she manages to swallow. But it seems to work quite well, they eat around 18:00-18:15 (by then they're so hungry and tired we can't keep them waiting any longer), and are put to bed about 1 hour later. They still wake up early mornings and want a bottle, anytime between 5:00 and 6:00. When they wake up at 5:00 they eat and go back to sleep, when they wake up 5:30 or later they don't go back to sleep... So I definitely prefer feeding them at 5:00 and sleeping another couple of hours. Hopefully we can soon feed them at 19:00 instead if 18-ish like now, then they should be able to sleep through the night.

Today I went walking in the park with the girls, and saw loads of pregnant ladies or ladies breastfeeding their baby. And it made me realize how happy I am that those times are over for me! I absolutely hated being pregnant!! I felt sick for 9 months, didn't feel like eating most things, and most things I felt like eating I wasn't allowed to eat. My belly was huge and constantly in the way, I couldn't sleep at night, I could hardly walk towards the end, I didn't leave the house for almost 2 months.

Though I enjoyed breastfeeding - the almost 4 months it lasted - I am just so happy that the girls are older now. They are so much fun to be around now, they laugh when we play with them or tickle them, they look into ours eyes and smile, they make face expressions, they mimick our sounds and expressions, they cry when I get mad at them (doesn't happen often, but happens), they are just loads of fun now. They can almost sit up, they are much easier to dress and undress because they "help" - bend their arms and legs etc. I really don't miss the time when they were jsut small babies, eating, sleeping and pooping all the time. I love them more and more every day, and the way they look at Albert and me and smile makes me believe that they know who we are, and that they love us, too. They are my little miracles!! :)

ALMOST 21 WEEKS - 21 Nov. 2010

We have a sick child!! Poor Laia has a temperature of 38.2, Albert is at the ER with her now.

It started yesterday, we noticed she was quite hot and sleepy, so we took her temperature. It was at 37.4. An hour or so later we took it again, 37.6. When she reached 37.8 we called the doctor - we've never had a sick child before, neither of us knew what to do... It was Saturday so we couldn't get a hold of our regular pediatrician, we had to call the emergency doctor. She recommended some medication which Albert went out to buy, and we've been giving it to her over the past 24 hours. She seems OK, she's hot and sleeps a lot, but she eats fine and smiles, even laughs sometimes.

Before putting the girls to bed today, I took Laia's temeprature again, 38.2.... Albert panicks quicker than me, he wanted to take her to the ER straight away. I said it would probably be better for her to sleep. But 3 hours later she woke up and was whimpering. After an hour of trying to calm her - her temperature was at 37.9 - Albert called the emergency doctors again. They said to take her to the ER, because having a fever for 24 hours when she's been taking medication which should reduce it, is not a good sign. Of course we didn't want to wake up Liva, poor girl, so Albert is at the ER with Laia while I'm at home. Though I'm sure she's OK and that it's "just" a regular flu, I can't help worrying. My poor baby!!!!

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