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School and Nutrition

By Jo Green - Thu 7th Apr 2011

One of the many things I like about my daughter's school is how they involve her in her 'schoolwork' (which in itself seems an odd word for a 3 year old - especially when her counterpart's in the UK are only just starting Nursery).

For example, the other week there was a school trip to a farm. That in itself was no big deal, but the whole class had spent the two weeks leading up to the event learning about the animals that they would see, what they looked like, what they ate, what produce they contributed to on the farm. They even discussed in advance who would be going on the trip, where the farm was, where they would be sitting on the coach and what they would be eating for lunch. Everything is planned so meticulously that the kids feel comfortable with what is going on at all times. As such when a trip, or event like this comes along she looks forward to going, rather than sees it as something to be worried about.

So, continuing with the school's theme of 'Food', the last few weeks they have been learning about a healthy diet.

This is something that is very important to the school throughout the year - not just for this particular project. For example, a Nutritionist designs the Menu for those that stay for 'Comedor' everyday, and we are even given a list of what she should bring each day for her mid-morning snack : Monday is a sandwich with a savoury filling; Tuesday a yoghurt; Wednesday a Sandwich again; Thursday Fruit and on Friday she can take something with chocolate.

If one of the Kids has a birthday and takes a cake (which is the expected norm) a note is put in her snackbox so we know not to prepare anything for her the next day.

Things are generally 'done properly' and organised with meticulous military precision.

So when we got a note home advising us that the school was taking part in the Valenican Regional Government's educational drive to promote healthy eating many of the parents didn't quite know what to expect.

So yesterday my daughter came home from school clutching what I can only describe as a shoe box, containing about 6 or 7 separate leaflets on the importance of eating fresh fruit and veg, the importance of cleaning our teeth after eating something sugary, and so on... Most were sponsored by a leading brand Supermarket, or toothpaste etc... and I was in no doubt that the actual cost of the 'educational project' was funded entirely by the private sector.

...And also a bottle of water and a packet of freeze-dried Meatballs.

Yes, Meatballs. Not Apricots or Figs or Dates - Meatballs. That healthy, natural and nutritious snack that is guaranteed not to ruin your appetite - high in vitamin C and Fibre and low in saturated fats .... guaranteed to contain absolutely no offal, minced pigs intestines or poor quality rusk and other cereal fillers...

- I guess that the fruit and veg sponsor must have fallen through at the last minute.

Comment on this Blog

Not trying to compete for awfulness, but our kids came home a few weeks ago after a talk on Nutrition given by a Nestlé representative (jeez @!/&%!!) and clutching a bag containing similar advertising items, a booklet on fruit and veg plus a sachet of powdered chocolate milk, a chocolate mousse and a choc-muesli cereal kids need encouraging to eat more chocolate??
Penny Lapenna - Fri, 8th Apr 2011

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