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Liva & Laia - Almost 6 Months

By Stine Kuskner - Sat 9th Apr 2011

HAPPY ˝-YEAR BIRTHDAY LIVA AND LAIA! We're still in Denmark and it's freezing cold and snowing, so we don't do very much, which is why there haven't been a lot of posts this month. My parents have looked after the girls twice while Albert and I went to Copenhagen, Albert went to Copenhagen one day on his own, and to Elsinore as well. Though we're on holiday I still get up with the girls every morning, so far Albert has only gotten up twice so I could sleep in... I had hoped it would be a little different since we're both on holiday, but I guess I was too optimistic.

We had a wonderful christmas eve at my brother's house - lovely food and everybody was happy. We did a Catalan tradition of the caga tio, and the Danish tradition of walking around the tree while singing carols. Liva & Laia were asleep but my brother's kids were up and enjoyed the evening. We all got really nice present, the girls got some great toys, clothes, Hello Kitty bedsheets and some books.

The girls are enjoying being here, they love the fact that there are so many people around them all the time. They both have 2 bottom front teeth and it looks really sweet. Liva is getting really good at sitting, sits on her own without any support for a few seconds before falling over, and can sit longer and longer every day. Soon she'll be sitting all on her own. Laia doesn't want to sit, she wants to stand and walk. She can't stand without help, and doesn't understand the concept of holding on to furniture yet. So we have to support her. If we put her standing on the floor she tries walking, but of course her little muscles and everything is not at all ready for walking yet.

We can only leave them alone if they're playing on the floor or securely fastened in a bouncing chair - Liva fell off the couch some days ago... Luckily there's a rug just below the couch so she didn't hurt herself, but cried because she got a shock, poor girl! Liva still yells, now only when she's happy. Though it can get really annoying it is also very cute.... They both babble loads, and love looking at each other - it makes them laugh. Sometimes if one is crying and there's nothing we can do to make her happy, it helps putting her close to her sister.

They are long, thin girls and already wear size 9-12 months. They eat mashed fruit every day, and solids for dinner, but still only the powder we mix with their milk. When we're back in Barcelona they have a doctor's appointment for their 6 month check-up, I hope they'll be allowed to eat more varied food then.

They are starting to learn to drink from cups and really enjoy that. Their sleeping and eating pattern hasn't changed much, the have dinner around 18:00, sleep around 19:00, wake up between 5:00 and 6:00 for a bottle. If they wake up close to 5:00 they go back to sleep until 7:00/7:30, if they wake up closer to 6:00 they often don't go back to sleep again. During the day they're awake 2-2˝ hours and then sleep for about 45 minutes, in the afternoon they sometimes last longer than 2˝ hours.

They are fun, more and more every day, and I still enjoy every minute I spend with them, and of course they are just beautiful! :)

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