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Liva & Laia : About 6.5 Months - 11th Jan 2011

By Stine Kuskner - Mon 11th Apr 2011

Today is my birthday - 36! My first birthday as a mommy :).

The day has been wonderful so far, white chokolate croissants and coffee for breakfast and then off to a friends house to see little twin girls. These girls are now about 3 months old but were about 2 months premature, so can do more or less what babies of 1 month can do. They were so small and so sweet, but once again I'm so happy we're past that baby stage. Liva and Laia sit really well and can play on their own for longer and longer. They interact more and more, giggle loads when they look at each other.

Liva has started moving around, she can twist and turn her body to roll in any direction she wants. She can put herself on the playmat to play, or roll to the other side of the room to grab something she finds interesting.

Both girls love the cats and want to touch them all the time. But they pull at them, and the cats go running. Liva tries to move herself to where they are, but as soon as she's close the cats move.

Yesterday we hired a babysitter, she'll come approximately 6 hours/week, starting this Thursday. She'll have a set timetable and be here when I have class or meetings at the school where I still oficially work. If I don't have meetings she'll still come, that'll give me a chance to get out a bit and do other things. Or organize the house, or whatever. I'm sooooo looking forward to having a bit of help!

We interviewed quite a few people, and were not really happy with any of them. We had said we wanted someone who speaks Catalan or Danish, since we don't want to confuse the girls with too many languages. An American girl also replied to our add, but at first I told her no. However, after not really liking any of the people we interviewed, and the one we kind of liked couldn't do Thursday evening, which was one of the most important times that we need someone since I teach 2 different classes, we decided to contact the American girl. She's great! She was so comfortable with the girls, and they both loved her straight away. Lately Liva has been quite difficult with strangers, and cries when she's with somebody she doesn't know. But not with Heather, she just smiled at her. That kind of did it for me!

I also think I've managed to finally convince Albert that we get a cleaning lady. So far he's said he'd rather do it himself than pay someone to come and do it. And to be fair, he has been really good, most weekends he's cleaned the whole apartment. But now it's really difficult to find 2 hours to clean, and since he doesn't see the girls much during the week he wants to be with them at the weekend, not clean.

Oh yes, back to it being my birthday... Well, on Tuesdays I teach, so when Albert came home I went to my class. When I came back my mother-in-law was here with some presents, and the sushi take-away Albert had ordered came. So all in all a lovely day! :)

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