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Liva & Laia : About 6.5 Months - 14th Jan 2011

By Stine Kuskner - Mon 11th Apr 2011

Do you know those days when you just suddenly realize how lucky you are, and how wonderful life is? Well, I've just had one of those days!

Though I only slept about 4 hours last night because Liva was having stomach cramps, I lay on the couch with her in my arms at 5am, and felt helpless but so lucky to have two such wonderful girls! We both managed to fall asleep, and at 8am Albert came in to wake me up. He had fed Laia and needed to shower and get ready for work. He normally leaves the house at 7:45 to be at work at 8:30, but today he arrived late because he had to help take care of the girls. That made me think how lucky we both are to have such flexible jobs, and how lucky I am to have a husband who takes so much part in the girls and our little family.

Liva clearly felt much better, and the three of us spent the morning playing. After their nap and my shower we went for a short walk in sunny, warm Barcelona. We live very close to the Sagrada Familia but I don't go there often because of all the tourists. However, I decided to go today. The building never ceases to impress me, and I couldn't help but think how lucky I am to live in this incredible city and enjoy the nice weather in mid-January.

Shortly after we came home, Heather came. Her first day yesterday had gone well. I left to go to a meeting a the school where I am employed, and it felt really good to be back and to see everybody. But it felt even better that it was only for an hour and then I got to go back to my girls. How many people work in a place that let you work from home for 9 months after having had babies??

I spent some time with the girls before Albert came home from work at 15:00, then I went to teach his brother English. At first it was quite awkward because we know each other so well, and because we've never spoken English together. But after a while we got into the teacher-student mode, and 1˝ hours flew by.

When I came home I was greeted by three hugely smiling faces - my loving, beautiful family! Albert and I bathed the girls and got them all ready for bed together, then I cooked a nice dinner while he cleaned the apartment a bit.

After dinner I had to work on my translation, I have a huge project due on Sunday and am only half way through. Albert came in every 30 minutes or so to ask if I was OK and if I needed something. Though it's annoying having to work in the evenings, at least I'm doing something I enjoy doing, and it pays well.

I have love, jobs that I like, lovely colleagues and the world's best family - also including my parents, brother, his family, in-laws etc. And we're all healthy and happy! What more could anyone ask for?? And what have I done to deserve it all?

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