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Liva & Laia : 7 Months plus

By Stine Kuskner - Wed 13th Apr 2011

7 MONTHS + a few days - 1 February 2011

Idea for new invention:

- Diapers that go further up the back!!

How is it possible for shit to travel upwards? Why doesn't it just come straight out and down, into the diaper instead of all over their back? I've noticed that it happens mainly when they poop while sitting, I guess there just isn't space for it to go down so it travels up instead. Fun.......

7 MONTHS + a few days - 2 February 2011

The girls are so sick, poor things! They have a really bad cold and both cough all the time. It's clear that it hurts them when they cough. They also sleep loads more than normally during the day - which then means they can't fall asleep in the evening when we put them to bed.

Sunday evening I went to the pharmacy to get some cough medication, but there is hardly anything you can give 7 month old babies. They gave me a cough syrup which we can give them, but it just doesn't seem to be helping. We have an appointment with their pediatrician this afternoon, I hope she can give us something to relieve the coughing and the pain.

7 MONTHS + ALMOST 1 WEEK - 3 February 2011

For the first time since the girls were born, I've managed not to get baby-puke, baby-food or any other baby-stuff on my clothes today! I can actually put it back in the wardrobe and wear it another time, without washing it first. That doesn't happen often! And since I'm too fat to wear most of my clothes, it's a big deal!

7 MONTHS + ALMOST 1 WEEK - 4 February 2011

Oh the joys of having twins.... They're both sick - a mild bronchitis. When one's sick, two are sick, that's just how it works. And when they're sick, they're hard work! They cry more (poor things!!!), they sleep more often during the day, but for much less time than normal - since they normally don't sleep for more than 30-45 minutes, it means they now sleep for 15-20 minutes. And worst of all, they don't sleep well at night. A few nights ago I was up every hour, last night every hour and a half or so. Albert doesn't hear them at night, and feels really bad about me getting up all the time. He makes up for it in the mornings - though he has to go to work he lets me sleep while he takes care of the girls - feeds them, gives them their medicine and changes them. The night I had been up every hour he even managed to get them to sleep again - we all three slept until 9 am, it was wonderful!

Heather (our babysitter) is wonderful as well, a bundle of joy! The girls smile as soon as they see her, and it's wonderful for me to get some time off while knowing the girls are in good hands.

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