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Liva & Laia : 7 1/2 Months plus a bit more...

By Stine Kuskner - Thu 14th Apr 2011

Today is Albert and my 6th knowing-each-other anniversary - and Albert had forgotten..... It's no big deal, it's not a day we really celebrate after having a real (wedding)anniversary to celebrate, it was just funny seeing his face when I gave him a small present this morning and he had no clue why. He invited me out for lunch, and in the afternoon bought a nice flower arrangement.

Albert and I met through a language exchange program - you sign up to practice/learn a language (I wanted to learn Spanish, he wanted to practice his English), and then you meet up with someone who's a native or near-native speaker of the language you want to learn/practice. These meetings normally last about an hour, 30 minutes for each language. That was also what Albert and I had expected six years ago. We met up in the center at 18:00, I had a party to go to later in the evening, Albert was meeting a friend. We went to a bar and sat outside on the terrace talking. After about an hour we paid our drinks and got ready to leave - but neither really wanted to leave. Albert asked if I had ever been to another bar which was close by, and though I had, I said no. We went there for a while, and when we were ready to leave, Albert mentioned another bar. I had never been there, so off we went. This continued all evening, until it was about 22:00 - I was late for my party and still needed to shower and change, Albert was late meeting his friend, had already spoken to him a few times on the phone. We walked part of the way home together, and when we had to say goodbye I was desperately hoping he'd kiss me - and at the same time not, because it would somehow also seem desperate. He gave absolutely no impression of wanting to kiss me, and I left, feeling a little bit disappointed... We had talked about meeting up in town if my party continued at a bar or a disco - which it did. Two or three hours after saying goodbye we met up again. We spent the whole night together in bars and discos, said goodbye around 6:00 Sunday morning - still no kiss or any hint from Albert that he'd like to. This time I was REALLY disappointed! I didn't hear from him all day, so in the afternoon I sent him an sms, to which he replied and asked if I wanted to meet up for a coffee. We walked around town for a bit after the coffee, until he (finally!) invited me to his place - the excuse was that I should come see a wall he had painted orange that same day... I gladly came along, and there he finally kissed me! It turns out that he had wanted to all along as well, but didn't want to seem desperate. He did everything just right, and I think it was quite clear right from the beginning for both of us that there was more than just language exchange going on between us - you could almost talk of love at first sight! But if somebody had said that six years later we'd have two cats, be married, own an apartment, be the parents of twin girls, and still be madly in love with each other, we would have assumed they were crazy! I couldn't be happier, though, it's everything I've always dreamed of!!

Tonight we had friends over for dinner, they're our age but have no kids - it's not something we talk about with them, the few times it has been brought up, it seems like he would like kids but she absolutely wouldn't. But we have no idea. Since they have no kids, we didn't spend much time talking about Laia and Liva - actually, they were hardly even mentioned the whole evening. As I've mentioned loads of times, they are so easy and we're so lucky - we put them to bed at 19:00 and had it not been for the playmats, bouncing chairs and highchairs in the livingroom, you would never have known that we have kids; we didn't hear them all night, and Albert and I didn't talk about them. It's actually quite nice to know that we can still be a "normal" couple and talk about "normal" couple things. We assume our friends were having a good time, because they didn't leave until after 01:00.

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