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Liva & Laia : 7 3/4 Months

By Stine Kuskner - Thu 14th Apr 2011

7 MONTHS + 3 WEEKS - 23 February 2011

Liva and Laia are still sick, they had gotten better, but now especially Laia is coughing again, waking up at night and has a runny nose. I took them to the pediatrician, she gave us some different medicine for them. Poor girls, they are so fed up with coughing and being sick, they hate having their noses wiped and they cry at night when they can't breathe properly because their little noses are blocked. I feel completely helpless and useless because I can't do anything to make them feel better! Instead I kiss and cuddle them as much as I can. Luckily the pediatrician said not to worry, they seem fine and it's just a regular cold which is difficult to get rid of with this weather.

While I was at the doctor's office waiting, I saw loads of little babies, most of them there for their first check-up. It reminded me of the first time I was there, Liva and Laia were about 1 week old, I remember seeing the older babies and being a bit envious of the mothers that they had already been through the first six months. I always knew I wouldn't enjoy the first three months, and I always looked forward to Liva and Laia reaching six months. Many people told me to enjoy the time they were so small because it would pass quickly and then I'd regret not having dwelled in it more. Well, I don't regret anything! I don't miss one second of the first six months, and I thoroughly enjoy every second of Liva and Laia now! I love seeing new things they can do every day, I love playing with them and learning what they like and what they don't like, what makes them laugh, what awakens their interest, what catches their attention, etc. I love seeing how they react when I feed them new things, when we go for a walk and discover new things, when they suddenly realize they can do something they couldn't do before and get really happy - new sounds and new movements. They are so much fun now, more and more every day. I don't miss the first six months, I don't know if I will miss these months, but just in case, I make sure I enjoy it as much as possible and spend as much time with them as I possibly can. I love waking up in the morning to the sound of their babbeling in their room, every evening before going to sleep and every morning when I wake up I look forward to a new day with them. They are such wonderful little human beings and make me more happy than I had ever imagined possible.

7 MONTHS + 3 WEEKS - 24 February 2011

I've just come home from teaching, and the elevator wasn't working - again! Yesterday they were working on it all day, Heather was here in the morning and wanted to take the girls out, she got them all dressed up and ready, but when she went for the elevator, nothing happened. They told her it would be fixed within a few minutes, but she knew that in Spain this can mean hours. So she took the girls back inside, undressed them and gave up on going out. I had a doctor's appointment with the girls at 16:30, since they hadn't been out all day I wanted to leave earlier and take them for a stroll. Around 15:00 I asked the guys working on the elevator how long it would take, they told me about 10 minutes. 15 minutes later I asked again, same answer. This happend 3-4 times, the guys were clearly getting sick of me. Eventually I couldn't wait any longer or I'd be late for the doctor's. I got the girls ready and put them in their beds, the safest place I could think of. Then I carried the stroller 6 floor down (7 if you're American and consider the ground floor the first floor), ran back upstairs, grabbed the girls and the stroller bag, managed to lock the door with both girls in my arms and the bag over my shoulder, and got us all 3 safely down the stairs. I passed the guys who were fixing the elevator everytime I went up or down, they didn't say anything, didn't offer to help, nothing. As I was putting the girls in the stroller, I heard the elevator come down. Out stepped one of the guys who had been fixing it, looked at me and said "Now it works". I almost killed him!! At least it worked when we came home again.

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