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Liva & Laia : 8 Months

By Stine Kuskner - Fri 15th Apr 2011

8 MONTHS - 1 March 2011

When we moved into our apartment a little over a year ago, we spent a long time looking for a shower curtain. We didn't actually want a curtain, we wanted a glass wall but couldn't afford it. We couldn't find a curtain we both liked, probably because we didn't want one in the first place, and eventually ended up buying one with a cow on - I love cows and Albert had reached a point where he just didn't care anymore. The curtain is white on the bottom half, and see through on the top half. I never quite understood why it was see through, but this morning I was very happy about it! Liva and Laia have had one of those rare days where they won't sleep at the same time - meaning I can't shower in the morning when they're asleep. Since they're all mobile now, I can't just put them somewhere and shower quickly, too scary! So I put them in their bouncing chairs in the bathroom. Thanks to the curtain being see through they could see me and thought it was loads of fun, and I could see them. Not the ideal situation for showering, but the ideal solution when they won't sleep at the same time. And at the moment we're happy we have a curtain instead of a glass wall, it would have been so much harder to bathe Liva and Laia had there been a wall in our tiny bathroom!

When I change the girls, I normally put one in one of their beds while I change the other. Today I was wiping Liva's little bum when suddenly Laia started laughing and laughing from her bed behind me. When I turned around she was standing up, holding onto the side of the bed and clearly thought it was the best thing that ever happened to her during her 8 months of life. While she was standing there, Tatanka walked past her bed. Laia tried to touch him, and leaned (way too!!) far over the side, I was worried she'd fall out. But I had Liva naked and squirming on the changing table, and for a few seconds had no idea what to do! Luckily Laia decided Tatanka wasn't all that interesting and decided to jump up and down instead. When Albert came home, we lowered the bottoms of the beds so the girls can stand up as they please without me worrying they'll fall out.

So much has happened with the girls in just one week, suddenly they're mobile and come into the kitchen when I'm preparing their food, they can stand up in their bed, they have learned new games, they communicate with each other and laugh loads. Liva's favorite game is when we catch her and tickle her. When we come in after she wakes up, she tries to hide in her blankets (yes in, not under, she hasn't quite grasped that yet) and squeels in delight because she knows we'll tickle her. We have a big duck handpuppet which we play with, the duck will look at the girls for a while and then suddenly attack and tickle one of them. Liva goes nuts every time we play, screams in delight and laughs and laughs. Laia doesn't quite see the fun in those kind of games, she prefers being thrown into the air, swung around by her arms, or anything which involves standing and jumping and using her legs. And I'll play any of those games with them all day long just to hear them laugh! My reward is kisses and cuddles from the girls, I can't think of anything I'd rather want!

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