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Liva & Laia : 8 Months + 2 Weeks

By Stine Kuskner - Sun 17th Apr 2011

parents have just been here for four days, and it's been wonderful! They left this morning, it's always difficult to say goodbye, especially when we don't know when we'll see each other again. It's not really difficult for me to say goodbye, we haven't lived in the same country since I moved away from home at 18. But I feel sad for the girls, having their grandparents here 24 hours a day, then suddenly they're not here anymore. The girls were taking their morning nap when my parents left, when they woke up I brought them into the living room. As we were going there, I explained that Mormor & Morfar had left, though I was pretty sure they had no idea what I was saying. I brought Liva in first, she looked towards the couch all ready to smile when we entered the living room. When she realized it was empty, she looked up at me, back to the couch, and back to me. I explained again that Mormor & Morfar had gone home, but that we'll see them again in a couple of months. I put her on the floor to play and went to get Laia. I explained the situation to her as well, but when we entered the living room she looked at the couch, quickly turned her head towards the dining table, back to the couch, then up at me. It's been a really grey, rainy day today, and impossible to leave the house with Liva & Laia, making them even more cranky - on top of having had three adults around them for the past four days, they were stuck in the apartment with only mommy...

At one point I had had enough and decided to take them out, rain or not. I got them all ready, shoes on, jackets on, stroller wrapped in plastic, food ready to take along, umbrellas, etc. We get to the elevator, I push the button and..... nothing..... I am SO fed up with this elevator!!! Girls back inside, shoes off, jackets off, back on the living room floor. Girls whining, mom going crazy. Lunch. Laia cranky, would hardly eat. Bed. Both girls go straight to sleep. I watch TV for a while, then decide to take a nap as well - my parents being here means going to bed quite late, but still waking up with the girls, who decided to wake up at 6 at the latest every morning the past 4 mornings. It was 14:55 when I lay down for my nap, at 15:05 I woke up because Liva was awake, crying. Great! After a few minutes I went to get her, by then Laia was also awake, crying. Luckily I could hear the elevator was working again; shoes back on, jackets back on, plastic on stroller, food ready, and off we went. We went to the mall, there's a play area which Liva and Laia love. We spent about 20 minutes there, they had a yoghurt, we walked around a bit, and about 1 hours later we were back home, Liva and Laia in a great mood!! Shortly after I prepared dinner, we were fooling around while eating and Liva laughed more than I have ever seen her laugh. Laia laughed loads as well, but Liva was completely out of it. It was wonderful, a great end to a pretty difficult day! Albert came home while I was getting them ready for bed, he took over and I went to teach. I've just done some work for my meeting tomorrow, now it's off to bed. Albert has vacation the rest of the week, one of his friends from Germany is coming tomorrow with his wife and daughter, we're looking forward to that. They'll be staying at a hotel, but hopefully we'll see them loads. Heather is coming tomorrow morning, I had forgotten Albert wasn't working this week, and we want to give her hours to make sure we don't lose her! I'm sure Liva and Laia will be happy to see her, and they'll have fun with Albert's friend's daughter, they like being around other children.

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