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Liva & Laia : Still 8 1/2 Months

By Stine Kuskner - Mon 18th Apr 2011

8 MONTHS - 23 March 2011

I've just been sick for three days, it's been dreadful! On Wednesday when I came home from work, Albert said he wasn't feeling good, and went to lay down. I hardly saw him again until Thursday morning. He said everything hurt and that he felt unbelievably tired. He felt better and better as Thursday went by, and by the evening he was fine. I woke up Sunday morning and felt the same way - even my eyes hurt. Albert took Liva & Laia out with his German friends for a couple of hours, I was in bed most of the day. Monday Heather came for three hours, the original plan was that I would go get a haircut, the first since July last year, but the plans changed. She took Liva & Laia out, I stayed at home and relaxed and prepared lunch for the girls for the coming week. I felt OK, Liva and Laia were so considerate that they napped almost 2 hours in the afternoon. But then I woke up yesterday morning and felt terrible. Once again everything hurt, including my belly. Albert called in sick and stayed home, we called Heather and asked her to come for three hours to help out. I spent the entire day in bed, sleeping most of the time. Today I feel better, though still not great - and I'm unbelievably tired though I've done nothing but sleep for three days. Liva and Laia haven't been very considerate today, and refused to nap this afternoon. Which means they were really tired by 17:00, by then it's too late to put them down. Liva started crying and cried for 1 hours - while they had dinner, while I bathed them and after I had put them to bed. Eventually at 18:30 she collapsed into deep sleep. Laia did great for not having slept at all, she hardly cried and even laughed a few times. Now I've just worked a few hours, eaten the dinner Albert prepared, and though it's only 22:00 I'm off to bed - read a bit and then sleep. I hope to feel better again soon, I don't have much patience with Liva and Laia when I'm tired and half sick, and then I feel really guilty for not being patient with them. It's not their fault, poor girls!! And on top of it all, Liva is sick as well - this explains the pooping all the way up her back for the past few days. She has a stomch flu, and is now on medication and a no-dairy diet. She has to eat soy milk instead if their regular milk, and a rice-pudding something for dinner instead of their regular puddings. She also has to have medicine for the next 6 days. Poor little thing!

8 MONTHS - 24 March 2011

While Liva, Laia and I were out for our walk, I noticed a lady walking her dog and pushing a stroller. It made me remember the pang of envy I used to feel up until about 18 months ago everytime I saw a lady, a stroller and a dog - I wanted to be that lady. Then it hit me; I am more than that lady now! I'm not only pushing a stroller, I'm pushing a twin stroller! I'm not walking a dog, but we have two wonderful cats at home, and though I'm so much more a dog-person than a cat-person, I would never exchange Tatanka and Tomahawk for a dog.

I also noticed that the lady today didn't look happy. She looked tired. Exhausted. And then I thought, maybe all these ladies I've been envying for all these years aren't even happy. Maybe their situation at home isn't a happy one, maybe they don't like their job, maybe they don't have a job and are worried all the time about finances, maybe the kid doesn't sleep, maybe the kid screams a lot, maybe it's a real hassle having to take out the dog god knows how many times a day. I have always been happy with my life, with my situation. Of course I have done things I sometimes wished I hadn't done, but whenever I've found myself in an unhappy situation, I have done something about it, and have changed it. Now I have everything I've always dreamed of! My mother told me shortly after Liva and Laia were born that she remembers when I was five or six years old, I said I wanted a nice, good-looking husband and twins. All I know is that as far back as I can remember, that's what I have wanted. And that's what I have. Not only do I have a nice, good-looking husband, I have a great, romantic, sweet, funny, generous, good-looking husband! Not only do I have twins, I have sweet, easy, fun, absolutely beautiful twin girls! I've said it before, and I'm happy to say it again: I love my life!

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