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Liva & Laia : 10 Months - 3rd May

By Stine Kuskner - Tue 10th May 2011

What a week - and it's only Tuesday!!

Yesterday I went to sign the girls up in daycare, now all we can do is keep our fingers crossed. We'll know June 9th whether they're in or not.

While I was out getting that done, Albert called. He had just watched a person die at work! One of his bosses died of a heart attack, right in the office in front of everyone. Horrible!

This morning our new friends Susan and her son Luca came over, and we all walked together to the mommy-meeting which was at one of the mom's house. We had a wonderful morning playing and talking (Liva and Laia doing the first, me doing the second), and a nice walk home again. I fed the girls lunch they could eat on their own, they loved it! After their afternoon nap we went out for another walk in the sun, watched the birds and all the kids finishing school. While they were having dinner it started raining. A lot. Next thing I know, our kitchem sink is filling up with water, then water started pouring out of the pipes from the dishwasher and washingmachine. Albert was on his way home, the water was running over the sides of the sink, the kitchen was flooded. Shortly after, the water poured into the hall and computerroom. I switched off the electricity, took the girls into their room - they had been haivng fun playing with the water, which was all dirty and gross - wiped them down with wipes, put lotion on them and got them into their pyjamas. Albert came home just as I was finishing up. We left the girls in their beds while we tried to do something about the water. Poor Liva and Laia were eventually crying so much I just couldn't take it anymore, and it was their bedtime anyway so I gave them their bottle and put them to bed. They fell asleep in no time. The water was still pouring out of the pipes and running over the side of the sink, eventually we called the firebrigade. They got here within minutes, and helped us get the water sorted out - it turned out to be a plugged drain on the roof. They were here for 45 minutes, 3 guys and 1 lady, one hotter than the other! One positive thing about having the apartment flooded!

Though they were walking around their house in their big boots and yelling to each other, Liva and Laia slept through it all. They must have been exhausted.

After 45 minutes or so the firemen (and woman) left again, Albert and I spent quite a while drying and cleaning everything, now things are more or less back to normal. Someone from the insurance is coming tomorrow, our parquet couldn't handle all that water, we'll see what has to be done.

I hope tomorrow will be a bit calmer, we're meeting a mom and her daughter who's 1 day older than Liva and Laia, I hope that will be the most exciting thing of the day! :)

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