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Liva & Laia : 10.1/2 Months

By Stine Kuskner - Fri 20th May 2011

We went to a mommy-meeting this morning, and it was great - for all three of us. Liva and Laia were crawling around among the other babies, grabbing toys, eating food that had fallen on the floor, sharing their toys and watching other babies eat the food they dropped on the ground. One little girls who's only 1 week older than Liva and Laia can stand up on her own and is walking around - Laia seemed very impressed and has walked more today than ever before. She now goes about a meter or so before she lets herself fall forward into someone's arms. It's so sweet to watch her afterwards because she is so proud of herself! She laughs with every step she takes, and jumps up and down with joy when she is safely in someone's arms - it doesn't matter whose, as long as it's an adult willing to hug and praise her.

Liva is starting to show an interest in walking as well, she is getting really good with their push-walker toy, she can balance on her own now, and she's starting to want to walk while we hold her hands. She'll get there very soon as well.

They are both completely obsessed with the cats lately, especially with Tatanka since he lets them touch him and always wants to be where the are. Both Liva and Laia are all over the house calling "Tatata" all day, when they see him they laugh and stretch out their arms trying to touch him. But since they still haven't really learned the meaning of "gentle", Tatata usually goes running.

Liva has apparently decided that she can do everything herself, she insists on eating on her own. Today she ate her porridge partly with a spoon, partly with her fingers. I was actually quite impressed at how well she handled the spoon, she put it in her mouth without problems -although about half her dinner landed on the floor, her chair and her.

Liva slipped in the bathroom today while I was washing Laia's hands - I had told Liva a hundred times to back away from the shower, but couldn't physically remove her since I couldn't let go of Laia who was standing on a stool. As I had feared, Liva slipped and bumped her mouth on the shower-plate. She cried, bled and her lip swelled up. She's now all blue in her mouth behind her upper lip, and looks like a boxer. Poor girl, she is constantly hurting herself.

Besides that, they're doing great! They are such loving, happy girls, Laia gives cuddles to anyone who'll take them, Liva gives cuddles to anyone she knows. They smile and wave at people when we go for walks, Liva has loooong conversations with ... well, with herself, trees, strangers, maybe the stroller, I honestly don't know. Laia tends to ignore her when we're out for walks, but they seem to have profound conversations when we're home. They even have the intonation of questions and statements, it's fun to listen to. They play loads, they giggle and squeel like teenagers. I just love them both with all my heart, and never get tired of watching them develop and learn new things every day.

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