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Liva & Laia : 10 Months & 3 Weeks

By Stine Kuskner - Tue 31st May 2011

10 MONTHS + 3 WEEK - 23 May 2011

Wow, time is passing so quickly, in less than a week Liva and Laia will be 11 months old!

We're keeping really busy, and loving it! This weekend we all four went to my nephew's birthday Saturday afternoon, there were 7 other kids there, from our niece who's a few months younger than Liva and Laia to my niece and nephew's cousins where the oldest is 8 years old. Liva and Laia loved it, they were being carried around and given loads of attention by all the older kids.

On Sunday I took the girls to a Danish parent-group here in Barcelona, that was nice as well. Though supposedly lots of babies normally come to those meetings, Liva and Laia were the youngest this time.

Today Heather came and took the girls out to a playground while I got some work done. They were in such a good mood when they came home, it was wonderful! In the afternoon we met up with the Italian twin-mom. Her girls hadn't slept all afternoon and she was going crazy. But the girls did great, all four of them had a really good time, and so did I. The rest of the week is pretty much booked up, and I love it!

I feel really bad for Laia, she wants to play with her sister, but Liva is such a cry-baby and doesn't quite understand the concept of playing yet. One of Liva's favorite games is when we chase her around the house, catch her and tickle or kiss her. Laia has started chasing Liva, but Liva just starts crying. Sometimes Laia will grab Liva and try to play by putting her head on Liva's stomach or something. Laia loves is, and cracks up every time. Liva starts crying... We try to tell Liva it's OK, Laia is only playing. Or to show them how they can play together. But Liva either doesn't get it, or doesn't want to play with her sister. Which is a shame, because they could have so much fun together already!

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