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Liva & Laia : 24th June

By Stine Kuskner - Wed 29th Jun 2011

Time just flew, a wonderful vacation in Denmark came to an end and we're all back in Barcelona. Albert missed his family so much that he pretty spontaniuosly decided to come up. He arrived Thursday afternoon and went home Sunday morning. Before he arrived, my mom took Liva, Laia and me to see cows (my favorite animal) and then to an amazing café by a lake. There were ducks and ducklings, frogs, dogs, birds, etc. Liva and Laia loved it there, so did I!

Albert was happy to see all four of us came to pick him up, Liva and Laia were thrilled to see their daddy, I was overjoyed having my husband with me in Denmark. We spent loads of time together as a family the few days he was there; walked around Hornbćk, went to Elsinore, looked at houses for sale near my parent's house, simply just enjoyed being together.

Sunday was my mom's birthday, she had prepared a huge lunch for my dad's family who all live in Copenhagen. It was a nice day, and great to see everyone again. Monday I packed during the day, in the afternoon after my mom got home from work we went to Rungsted. My dad's cousin has a shop there, she gave us some really nice clothes for Liva and Laia - I'm saving it for their first birthday! :) We had a coffee, then went back home.

Tuesday I got up a 5:00, my mom got up shortly after, around 5:45 I woke up the girls and off we went to the airport. Saying goodbye was difficult, as always my mom had teary eyes. The flight home was fine, Liva and Laia only slept for 40 minutes, so it seemed like a very long trip. Luckily we had 3 seats where they could climb around without me needing to worry too much about disturbing other people. We arrived home at lunch time, the girls were so tired I gave them a bottle and put them straight down for their nap. When Albert got home we had less than 30 minutes togehter before I had to leave to go teach. That sucked! I got home after 21:00 and was so tired that I went to bed shortly after.

Wednesday Heather came, Liva and Laia were happy to see her again, and I was happy to get a break... In the afternoon we met up with

their friend Luca and his mom Susan, it was nice seeing them again! Thursday morning I had more meetings, Heather came back again. Since it was mid-summer which is a huge party here, Albert finished work early. We went out for a stroll in the afternoon, then just relaxed after putting Liva and Laia to sleep.

Today is a public holiday, I met up with my German friend Linda and her 2 girls, that was nice. We went to a playground, then to a café. We had actually agreed to meet in her area of town, I had everything ready, had packed lunch, diapers, drinks, extra snacks and everything. Leaving the house with the new stroller is not easy since it doesn't fit in the elevator, and not even through the front door. So I've taught Liva and Laia to crawl in and out of the elevator on their own, I carry the stroller collapsed all the way out on the sidewalk, open it there and put the girls in. We got down to the station lobby, the wide doors for strollers weren't working. I had to call for help over some machine, then wait 10 minutes for somebody to come let me through. When we were finally on the other side, I went for the elevator to get down to the tracks - the stroller didn't fit in the elevator...... So I called Linda, she was nice enough to come to our side of town. Good thing we didn't manage to sell our old stroller, that way I can still get around by metro if necessary. Liva and Laia both love the new stroller by now.

This afternoon my mother-in-law came, she was so happy to see the girls, and kept telling them over and over how much she loves them. Albert and I went out for a drink, walked around town for a while, then went for dinner. Now it's time to go to bed! My mother-in-law is coming back tomorrow afternoon, in the morning we're going to Luca's birthday celebration - Liva and Laia's first friend's birthday party!

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