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Liva & Laia : 1 Year + 3 Weeks

By Stine Kuskner - Wed 27th Jul 2011

It's been a while since I've written, my mom has been here and it's been lovely! She arrived Tuesday at noon while Liva and Laia were asleep, after their nap we all went out for a coffee - juice for the girls, of course - then went to play at their favorite playground by the Sagrada Familia. At night, after putting the girls to bed, Albert and I cooked dinner, and the three of us had a nice evening.

Wednesday my mom and I went into town with Liva and Laia. We went for lunch at a nice little restaurant by the old hospital, then strolled around the city. The girls hardly slept, so they had an early bath, early dinner, and were put to bed shortly after Albert got home. We had a nice dinner at home Wednesday evening.

Thursday I had to teach at 14:00, so my mom and I took the girls down to Vila Olimpica near the beach where we had coffee and ice-cream. When I got home from teaching we took Liva and Laia out on their little cars to a playground across the street from where we live. They loved it! In the evening my mom cooked risotto - she loves it but my dad doesn't like it, so she was happy to finally have somebody to eat it with.

Friday the girls had a doctor's appointment at 15:25, we left as soon as Albert got home. We had tried for weeks to set up an appointment for their 1-year check-up, until we were finally told our pedeatrician wasn't available until the end of September. We could either wait or see another pedeatrician. Since Liva and Laia turned 1 in June, we decided to see another doctor. After having waited 30 minutes at the doctor's office, our pedeatrician came out of her office. We asked her how come we had an appointment with another doctor if she was there. She of course didn't know, but on top of it all, the doctor we were supposed to see wasn't there that day, neither were any of the nurses who are also supposed to be there for the check-ups. So after 40 minutes of waiting, we were told to go down and get another appointment. Our pedeatrician had called down to the reception and had told them to make sure we were given an appointment next week. On Tuesday afternoon I have to go back - without Albert, he'll be working. Not that it matters to me, but he would've liked to be there.

So we went home, my mom had gone into town to do some shopping, came home around the time we started getting the girls ready for bed. Albert had cooked dinner, and we all had another nice evening.

Saturday morning we all 5 went out for a coffee and by chance bumped into Albert's brother and his whole family. My mom was happy to see all of them again. In the afternoon, my mom flew home.

It was Saturday, and my mother-in-law was supposed to come at 16:00. When the girls woke up from their nap we didn't go out - we figured we'd get to go out on our own soon after. At 17:00 Albert called his mom because she still hadn't shown up. She was asleep because she wasn't feeling well. It's OK not to feel well, but she could have told us.... By then it was too late to go out with the girls, so we spent the entire Saturday afternoon and evening in the apartment - fun....

Today we went to the botanical garden, Liva and Laia loved it! They got to walk around, touch the plants, flowers and trees, and after a while Heather and Jenn came as well. We spent about an hour there together, then walked towards the center. Heather and Jenn stayed on the mountain, Albert and I started walking home, Liva and Laia napped in their stroller. After they woke up, Albert and I had lunch while Liva and Laia had a snack. Then we went to my brother-in-law's where my parents-in-law were as well. We all had a great time, Liva and Laia were exhausted by the time we got home. They had dinner, a bath and by 18:30 they were sound asleep.

Tomorrow morning Heather is coming since I have to work. It's our last week together, we're all going to Denmark on Saturday, Heather and Jenn leave Barcelona while we're gone. They're going back to California - for good. They will be deeply missed!!

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