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Liva & Laia : 1 Year and 6 Weeks

By Stine Kuskner - Fri 12th Aug 2011

It's been forever since I have written, and quite a bit has happened. Most importantly, Liva and Laia turned 13 months on 29 July! Not a lot has happened since they turned 12 months, except that their hand-coordination gets better and better every day, and they can walk quicker and quicker. They love walking, they chase each other around all the time while cracking up. They're both starting to say a couple of words which actually make sense, and are used in the correct context: "papa", "aigua", "tak", "hej", "hola", "vaca", "mam-mam" (not actually a real word but it means food), "Laia", and of course still their favorite: Tatanka. They also know what sound a horse makes, and Laia says "mhmhmh" for woof woof and for muh muh. They both love waving, Laia waves at anything that moves when we're out on our walks, Liva waves whenever she hears a word meaning hello or goodbye in Danish, Catalan or English. They seem to understand everything we say to them in both Danish and Catalan.

Liva loves looking at books and magazines, and can spend a really long time telling stories - she babbles and points to different pictures, turns the page, babbles and points, turns the page, etc etc...

Laia loves moving, she's not still for a second at a time. She climbs like a little monkey, and can get down most things without getting hurt - though she has a black eye at the moment after a wipe-out on the couch...

We also spent a week in Denmark, all 4 of us. It was absolutely wonderful! The trip started out quite stressful, since I open the stroller with Liva finger stuck in it. We couldn't get the finger out until we closed the stroller again, by then the finger was all blue, swollen and deformed. Liva was crying and crying. So we took our bags, the girls, the stroller etc and went to a private hospital for kids just a few blocks away from where we live. They told us the finger was fine, gave Liva some painkillers, and off we went to the airport. Though it's been 2 weeks, her poor finger is still all blue and the top part is swollen. But it looks much better, and she can move it and uses it normally.

The weather in Denmark was great, we saw my family loads, saw my friend and her family one day, spent a day at a farm with my brother and his family, and all in all just had a lovely time being together. I worked for about 2 hours in total the whole week, Albert didn't work at all. A long-needed and well-deserved vacation for both of us! We both got up in the mornings and helped each other with the girls, breakfast, etc. It was great being together like that for a whole week!

Now we're back in Barcelona, which is also wonderful! My mother-in-law works what they call "intensive days", meaning she works from 9:00-14:00 without a lunchbreak. She has come 3 afternoons and has taken the girls out, which has been great for me, especially since Heather isn't in the country anymore. Liva and Laia are always extra difficult after a vacation with so many people around them all the time, and so much attention, mom just isn't enough when we get back. So it's been great having my mother-in-law here. Starting on Monday she will have 3 weeks vacation, she has already offered to take Liva and Laia out in the mornings some days. I happily said yes!!

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