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Liva & Laia : 1 Year and very nearly 2 months

By Stine Kuskner - Fri 2th Sep 2011

1 YEAR + almost 2 MONTHS - 28 Aug 2011

This morning we put the girls down for a nap, Liva fell asleep pretty quickly, Laia stayed awake for about 20 minutes. By the time Laia fell asleep, Liva woke up. We took her out of bed and played with her while Laia slept, but it was so clear that Liva missed her sister. She went to their bedroom door 3 times in the approximately 25 minutes that Laia was asleep, and when Laia woke up, Liva went running to her bed and was all happy and giggeling. I took Laia out of bed and put her down next to her sister, Liva hugged her and they started babbeling and walking into the livingroom, giggeling and happy to be together.

In the afternoon we all went for a walk, we have 2 single strollers now, so Albert and I had a stroller each. Liva and Laia thought it was loads of fun being in seperate strollers, and loved holding hands across the strollers. It's becoming more and more obvious how close they really are.

1 YEAR + 2 MONTHS - 29 Aug 2011

Liva and Laia are 14 months old today - and they have been driving me nuts!! We're still trying to get into the routine of not sleeping in the morning, which is made quite difficult by them actually sleeping some mornings. Today they were really tired, were pulling their pillows out of their beds and lying down on the floor. But when I put them to bed for a morning nap, they screamed and screamed. I tried twice, eventually I was worried about what I would do if I had to continue listening to their screaming.

Besides the whining and clinging in the last couple of weeks, they are still lovely girls, though! They interact more and more, are getting really good at playing together and interacting with other kids, their vocabulary is expanding, besides the words from last month they now also say "pilota", "ja", "caca" and often we hear words come out of their mouth at the right time in the right context, but then they haven't been repeated again. Liva shakes her head for "no", which makes life so much easier! Laia is extremely helpful always, wants to help carry things, gets everyone's shoes when we're getting ready to go out, gives cookies, pacifiers, water etc to Liva when we ask her to. The newest thing we've started doing is teach them to pick up their toys before going to bed, they don't quite get it yet, but seem to find it quite fun.

They love playing ball, they are starting to understand things they watch on TV - the newest hit is Barney....

All in all they are just lovely girls, even though they can be hard work at times.

This week I have a Danish girl coming for 8 hours in total, if we stay in Barcelona she will most likely be our new babysitter. It's great to have help again, and it makes the next couple of months seem more manageable.

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