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Some Postnatal / Baby Spanish Vocab

By Jo Green - Tue 6th Sep 2011

Further to Blog the other week, where I shared a bit of 'Emergency' Pregnancy vocab, I thought I continue in a similar vein an share a bit of 'Post-Natal' vocab.

When I look back at the list it amazes me that I didn't already know most of the words listed. I Suppose it tells me two things : That in the four years that I have had my daughter I haven't realised how much better Spanish has got, and that the act of using that vocab repeatedly has etched it into my mind.

Of course, the words are very basic and very limited, and no substitute for a decent phrase book or dictionary - or better still a course of lessons to improve you standard of Spanish, but the words and phrases were invaluable to me !

Guarderia : Nursery / Kindergarten

Carro : Pram

Silla Alto : High Chair

Cuña : Cot

Pañales : Nappies

Vacunas : Vaccinations

Varicela : Chicken Pox

Tos : Cough

Al Pecho : Breast(fed)

Biberon: Baby Bottle

Chupete : Dummy

Orinal : Potty

Like I say, no replacement for a sound understanding of the language, let alone guidebook, but some good solid vocab that I seem to recall being stuck on the fridge door for many months !

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Spanish language courses are ideal for all levels of students in the Spanish language. The main question is how to find an effective course. The first thing you need to ensure is that in the academy of your choice, 90% of training time is used to mean the language speak Spanish. Do not enroll in courses where you can spend more time learning grammar and theory. It is best to learn any grammar before you go to a track. The Spanish language is one of the world’s most important languages, spoken by people in many parts of the globe. It is commonly spoken and understood. More than 400 million people call Spanish their native language. Mexico, Columbia, Panama, Cuba, Spain, Chile, Uruguay — these are just a few countries where Spanish is the dominant language.But just because many people speak the language, that is not the only good reason why you should learn Spanish.
Spanish Vocab - Fri, 30th Sep 2011

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