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Liva & Laia : 28th September

By Stine Kuskner - Mon 3rd Oct 2011

I will never understand Liva and Laia's attitude to sleeping!

This morning they woke up later than they have the last couple of mornings, this week they haven't napped in the morning but they seemed more tired today than any other day. Liva was walking around like a drunk, falling over and almost falling asleep on the couch. I put them down for their nap later than normal, by then Laia seemed tired as well. The moment I put them in their beds, they're 110% awake. They start playing, fooling around, throwing their blanket, pillow, teddies and pacifiers on the floor, laughing. After a while they start crying, because now it's not fun anymore, there's nothing left to throw on the floor. I go back in there, put all the stuff back in their beds, lay the girls down, give them their pacifiers and switch on their musical teddy. They're rubbing their eyes and look they they'll fall asleep any minute. I go out and close the door, before the door is even closed they're standing up again, throwing things, laughing. After a while they start crying again, I repeat the process. This morning there was silence after the third time. I waited a couple of minutes; silence. I went to our bedroom and started getting ready for a shower;silence. I got the bathroom ready; silence. I got undressed; silence. I switched on the water and got under the shower;silence. I shampooed my hair; silence. I started washing my body; crying!! Hair full of shampoo and body half lathered in soap, Liva's crying! What to do? I could tell it was her tired crying, and knew I didn't need to worry, so I finished my shower (quickly) before going back in their room. Laia was sound asleep, Liva was sitting up, all her things on the floor. She must have tried to continue playing and have gotten no reaction from Laia, poor thing. She was so tired she could hardly even sit up anymore. I lay her down, gave her the pacifiers and switched on the musical teddy.

Before I had left the room she was asleep.

But WHY does it have to take half an hour?

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