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Liva & Laia : 15 Months

By Stine Kuskner - Wed 5th Oct 2011

Liva and Laia are 15 months old today! And life is so much easier than it was 1 month ago - or even just a week ago! I don't know what's going on with their sleeping habbits, but we all seem to have gotten more or less used to them.

The girls are extremely happy lately, they interact loads, love being around other kids, and laugh loads. They are starting to show a sense of humor, are starting to do things like pretend to pass a toy to us and then pull it away last minute, hide things and make an expression of "I don't know where it is" - which never lasts long because they start laughing and show it to us.

Liva enjoys our tidying up sessions before bed, gets really proud when she puts her toys away. She also applauds herself every time she does something correctly. She loves helping with things around the house, like putting clothes in the washing machine or preparing their bottles at night.

Laia hates tidying up, but loves to help in other ways. She finds all our shoes etc when we go out, wants to help carry things, and loves to help set the table, carry things into the kitchen, prepare the bath etc. We don't push them to do the things they don't like doing, instead we reinforce the things they seem to enjoy.

I don't think there's any new vocabulary, but they clearly understand more and more, and use the words they know more and more as well.

They still love animals and the playgrounds. They can both swing on regular swings, especially Laia is really good. Though Laia is the more agile one - she can run, jump, climb, hardly falls anymore, etc. - she struggles with things that require coordination - for example, she can only go straight forward or backward on their little cars, whereas Liva can go anywhere she wants. Liva can keep her balance while walking on a thin pole (an activity at one of the playgrounds, super annoying since they can't actually really do it, but love trying), whereas Laia falls down all the time - because Liva has the patience to go slowly and look where she's going and Laia basically tries to run it.

Liva is the creative one and comes up with ideas for things to play, which Laia then copy. She's always the first one to go be with the other kids at mommy-meets and the playgrounds, Laia stays with the adults for a long time, and often wanders off on her own instead of playing with the other kids.

Laia is already starting to show an interest in clothes - she can put some things on herself and loves doing it. She loves putting on my tank-tops and pretending she's wearing a dress. She looks at herself - and at Liva - after we dress them, loves brushing and combing her hair, loves it when we put perfume on her, and can spend hours trying to put clothes on or playing with the clean laundry. Liva, on the other hand, shows no interest in clothes, she prefers not to have her hair brushed or combed (it's not really fair that Liva has loads of hair and Laia is still practically bald!), and pushes our hands away when we try putting perfume on her (which is of course not really perfume, just regular baby-oil).

Liva loves to sit and read books or turn the pages of a magazine, Laia prefers to jump in our bed, chase a ball or rip the pages of a book or magazine.

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