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Liva & Laia : 1 Year and 4 Months

By Stine Kuskner - Wed 2th Nov 2011

Happy 16-month birthday Liva and Laia, the best girls in the world!! Not a lot has changed since last month - they get better at walking and running, they are loads more fun, they are more confident when doing things, they interact more, they are more amazing! They have started playing for real now, Liva absolutely loves when we chase her and tickle her when we catch her. She will start walking while already giggeling, looking at us with a look of hope on her face, and slowly walk out of the room. If we start calling her name she knows it means we're coming after her, she starts running while already laughing in anticipation of what's to come. When we catch her she completely craks up. This game could go on all day if it were up to her.

They both love when Albert and I take one girl each, one hides somewhere in the house while the other comes looking for them - of course both Albert and I know where the other person is all times, our house is not that big and the girls can't help laughing, but we still pretend we're searching. When we do find each other, we scream and run in opposit directions, the girls scream and laugh and yell for more.

They are also very good at playing with each other - their favorite games are one girl crawling, chasing the other who's running. They don't really know what to do when they catch each other, but they laugh and find it very funny. Or one girl sitting on top of the other and the one at the bottom has to try to wiggle lose. Or playing with their little cars together.

When playing on their own, they both love putting things into things - we have toys where they have to put different size boxes into each other, different shapes into a pot etc. Especially Laia can spend a long time playing on her own with these games. They still love books, and enjoy being told stories.

They love helping with everything - anything I do in the kitchen, the whole procedure of carrying the dirty laundry to the machine, putting it in the machine, etc. Basically anything they can help me with I encourage them to do so, and they love it. The other day Liva had a great time helping Albert empty the dishwasher. I hope this means they'll love doing chores as they get bigger..............

Of course they also fight more - if one has a toy the other wants it, another toy exactly the same doesn't do the trick, it has to be the one sister has. If one comes to sit on my lap, the other wants to sit there as well, but isn't accepted by the first one up. If one is with Albert and one is with me, they want to change - only to change back a few seconds later and only because they want the same as what sister has.

On the other hand, they are brilliant at sharing! If we offer one for example a cookie, she will automatically take two, so she can give one to her sister. If we're at the playground playing with sand toys, they will always make sure sister also has something to play with (being at home on their own "territory" is apparently very different to being at the playground with other kids!). If one is in the kitchen with me while the other is in the living room with Albert, and I give something to the one in the kitchen without having something ready for the sister, the one with me will say the sister's name and look at me all confused - I can't just give her and not her sister!

All in all, there are so many more positive things to say about Liva and Laia than negative ones, and I really enjoy being with them. We laugh a lot during the day, and though it does get tough at times being with them so many hours while trying to work and do whatever housework needs done, the good times majorly outweigh the hard times!! I just love them with all my heart!

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