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Mark Woodward
Business Development Manager

Car Insurance Made Easier

By Mark Woodward - Tue 13th Mar 2012

Car insurance is not the most exciting of subjects to discuss, but an essential expenditure for all of us nonetheless.

After our property, the family car is the most expensive thing most of us possess. Be it a sensible four door with room for the kids and shopping or a sporty two seater status symbol, the majority of us would be lost without it. Especially here in Spain where the public transport system can be less than reliable and when many of us live off the beaten track.

Back in the UK we spend hours calling companies, searching the internet for the cheapest cover. This all changes when living in Spain, obviously the number of insurance companies that can speak your language are considerably less than you have been used to. You must ensure that you are covered for any eventuality, which is why Ibex Insurance offers policies in English.

One of the main benefits in dealing with reputable companies such as ourselves is the piece of mind and quality of service you will receive. In the event of any claim with Ibex you will be able to speak to English speaking staff who are fully conversant with the Spanish system and will help and advise throughout your claim.

Ibex also offer an optional breakdown cover on their policies, imagine if you can your car failing you in the middle of no where and having to firstly find a service to help you and then trying to explain where you are, especially if like many of us your carefully learnt Spanish goes out the window in a stressful situation. All the staff on the Breakdown line speak English and will quickly and efficiently send someone out to help you. Also included within the breakdown cover is an invaluable legal expenses policy to cover you or any uninsured losses such as your policy excess.

In the even of an accident which renders your vehicle immobile or your vehicle needs to go in for repair, Ibex also offers a hire car to cover the time your car is off the road (comprehensive cover only). Invaluable as modern day living can prove to be almost impossible without four wheels and a motor. For a few days it can be something of a novelty with you deciding on the first day that you must walk more often. Believe me by the second day when you have to carry your shopping home whilst followed by a couple of tired fractious children you will be kicking yourself that you did not check the schedule of your cheap policy documents before you made a decision.

As with anything in life cheapest is not always the best, but good comprehensive cover at a reasonable premium for both UK and Spanish plated vehicles is available.

Contact Ibex Insurance today to discuss the range of products we can offer you to make your life in Spain easier.

Comment on this Blog

We are moving to spain to live,I want to drive my own car from England to Spain Can i get car insurance to cover me.The car is a 2005 reg Toyota Corolla
Mr D Parry - Fri, 27th Jun 2014
recently i have acquired my spanish driving license. however due to some unavoidable circumstances and financial hurdle could not able to buy a car of own. on the other hand since my wife already owns a car, so i have been using it for sometime. my questions are - my wife pays for her car's insurance, since i occasionally uses it do i have to pay an additional payment as a second driver. second and last question is how may i able to apply for an international license. thanks and please provide an in-depth and thorough info.
Selfless - Fri, 9th Aug 2013