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Title Deeds Insurance now included for ALL Wincham clients

By Mark Roach - Tue 13th Mar 2012

We are delighted to announce that from the 7th March 2012 all Clients who use our services to purchase or invest a Spanish property into a UK limited company will now be covered by Title Deed Insurance. We are the only company to offer this cover as standard for all our clients which provides up to 360,000 € cover.

As market leaders and with combined professional experience of over 65 years, at Wincham we understand that security and peace of mind are foremost in the minds of our clients – particularly where the property in question may not be used as a permanent residence but for rental and occasional use.

With this in mind we will now be providing all our clients with a brand new insurance product offering our clients a complete guarantee and minimising future riskfor 20 years.

The policy covers amongst many other benefits the following :

Demolition Order :

Imagine that after several years a Demolition Order is placed on your house because it is shown that the associated building licence is illegal because it infringed land classification (Urban Planning Scheme) at the time of purchase, or simply because your house was built without a licence or in breach of the terms of the building.

Real event: Catral Alicante. 1,400 dwellings illegally built in collaboration with the Town Hall who issued forged documents.

Real event: Marbella, Málaga. Around 20,000 illegal homes built breaking the Urban Planning Scheme (PGOU).

Real event : Vera, Almería. Homes belonging to British pensioners demolished due to a building license revocation

Fraud :

By virtue of article 34 of Spanish law “Ley Hipotecaria” you may lose your home in the event of fraudsters faking your identity and selling your house to a third party who is purchasing in good faith and registering at the land registry.

Just imagine ...

Real event :

Police identify a ring of fraudsters faking identities of real home owners to sell the houses for a derisory price. First they rent the house and then forge the property title deeds and ID cards which enables them to sell before a notary.

Sentence of Spanish Supreme Court of 20th May 2008 cancelled the Revoked Powers Register and exempted notaries from legality control tasks therefore reducing their involvement to that of mere witnesses to property transactions. Notaries warned that “there will be more fraud”.

Compulsory Purchase :

You discover your house is subject to a compulsory purchase order or proceedings which predated your purchase. There are cases where not onlyis your land compulsorily purchased but you will also have to pay a large administrative fee.

Real event : Spanish Coastal Law. 500,000 owners have been affected by total and partial compulsory purchases of their homes in recent years. The Spanish Coastal property Law is very controversial due to its arbitrary actions to qualify the land in terms of beach or dune areas to be compulsory purchased by Government.

Real event: Valencian Land Grab Law - Around 20,000 compulsory purchases made by virtue of land Spanish laws LRAU and LUV.

There are around 20 more areas covered in this comprehensive package and a maximum of 360,000 € of compensation for the Insured as damages.

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