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Mark Woodward
Business Development Manager

Your Home and True Peace of Mind

By Mark Woodward - Thu 19th Apr 2012

For many of us living in Spain, our home is a culmination of a life long dream, fantastic weather, a relaxed lifestyle and more for our money. It is easy to believe that once the difficulties of buying a property in a foreign country and all the stress that goes with it, that life will be worry and hassle free. Unfortunately a small percentage of us will become a victim of crime.

It is essential therefore that we all ensure our property has the correct insurance cover should the worst happen and for this you must go to a reputable insurance advisor.

As you well know most companies in Spain offer a number of different products under one roof, but unless you are fluent in Spanish and 100% sure of the cover you are getting for your Euro, insurers would advise that you purchase a policy with the policy wording in your native tongue through a company who are also conversant with the Spanish ways of life.

One of the most important issues is insuring your property contents for the correct amount. Many insurance policies are sold in contents brackets E.g. 15,000 and upwards. At the time of purchase you may feel that this is more than adequate should you need to claim. Have you actually stopped to think of the worst case scenario of a total loss, for example a fire? If you take just a few minutes to go through your home, room by room you will no doubt be amazed at how quickly it adds up and how expensive it would be to replace the lot. Clothes alone for a family of four could easily be in excess of 5,000. Not to mention your freezer stocked full of goodies bought at great expense from the English store for a taste of home.

This is where Ibex Insurance can help you.

Ibex Insurance are market leaders in all aspects of insurance services and specialise in home insurance. Ibex also offer all risks cover on items taken out of the home. Cameras, Jewellery etc which at present not many other insurers offer cover for and if they do, cover is limited to a nominal amount.

This type of cover is essential as many of us like to dress up and join the locals for the fiestas Spain is so well known for. The fiestas do bring out the pickpockets and thieves along with the fireworks and merriment. It is distressing enough to have your handbag stolen but even more so to discover the cost of replacing it and its contents is down to you.

Take just a few moments out of your new lifestyle to visit or call Ibex Insurance and ask for your Ibex policy. Then you truly can relax and sit back and enjoy the dream that you and your family are now living.