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Mr Grumpy v Spanish Airport Food

By Mr Grumpy - Thu 26th Apr 2012

Before anyone accuses me of prejudice or discrimination they should first of all understand that I have taken 4 flights to and from Spanish airports in the space of last two weeks. Likewise I have dropped off and collected the Mrs from the airport, and as such the subject of Spanish airport food – not British or French - is foremost in my mind at this moment in time.

Likewise, I appreciate that not all airports are the same – there is a great deal of variety – both in terms of the range of what is on offer and the quality of what is on offer.

However, my observations and musings on the subject over recent weeks are thus :

* A Spaniard should never be forced into, or indeed ever attempt to prepare a ‘Full English Breakfast’. Most offerings I have witnessed to not even closely resemble edible food. Nor should it come with a parsley garnish.

* We British generally like our meals warm – not lukewarm and congealed.

* 7 Euros 50 Cents for a Pint of Carling and a Bowl of nachos in the ‘John Bull Pub’ does not constitute good value for money. I think that trading standards could have you on that score for promoting this as a ‘Special offer’.

* A ‘Tapas Food Court’.... Dear God, why ? Many tourists on their yearly pilgrimage to Spain may go home with the impression that these sad, reheated offerings really are typical of Spanish food – IE Total crap. Kind of like trying to convince somebody that a McDonalds is typical of a traditional British Sunday Roast.

* McDonalds : Scum of the earth, do I need to elaborate...?

* Subway : Seriously, I get the idea that my Bocadillo is made fresh for me, but paying a tenner for it with a bag of crisps and something that they call coffee takes the schmichael.

* Since when was water so expensive ? Especially after you have gone through security (nothing quite as explosive as water in an airport cafeteria, is there ?)

* If I pay 4 Euros for a polystyrene cup of ‘Freshly Squeezed Orange Juice’, then I expect the Orange Juice to be freshly squeezed, and not for the carton to be winking at me from under the counter.

I’m not against people making a living, even against companies taking advantage of a unique set of circumstances to charge a premium for their products and services, but when street vendors on limited resources can prepare far better snacks at a fraction of the price it makes me fume.

Being held to ransom and ripped off for food and drink that nobody would buy (regardless of the price) in the outside world should be criminalised.

Comment on this Blog

I agree with you about Service Station food here in Spain, but it always amuses me that many of them offer a Wagon Driver's Menu Del Dia, which usually involves half a bottle of wine with the meal.
Mr Grumpy - Sun, 13th May 2012
Spain may very well have the worst airport food in the world, but their Motorway service station food is way better than the UK's
J Timpson - Sun, 6th May 2012
Esco, Many thanks for those few kind words, but it seems that you have completely missed the whole thread of my Blog. The point that I was making was that the food in ALL airports was generally terrible ( I did say that Alicante just happened to be by most recent exprience ) and that it was a shame that many foreign travelers (Holidaymakers and otherwise) may consider that the food on offer is typical of all Spanish Food (which it obviously is not). Whether or not my face looks like a spanked arse or not doesn't really change things.
Mr Grumpy - Mon, 30th Apr 2012
Well don't visit here again ! they probably seen your face which looked like a spanked arse as most Brits on Holiday do due to too much sun and too much Alcohol so they bump the prices up and give you all the rubbish left overs.
Esco Bastinno - Mon, 30th Apr 2012
I agree, and to be honest it might be time to revive the old custom of bringing a packed lunch along. You might look like a country bumpkin or a pauper but at least you won´t be a bloody idiot!
Mo - Mon, 30th Apr 2012
Yep, the culinary oasis which is Alicante... (And, for your information Mr Timpson, I am well travelled and prefer the cuisine in Lichtentstein... )
Mr Grumpy - Thu, 26th Apr 2012
Let me guess ....Alicante!!
Sonriendo - Thu, 26th Apr 2012
Which Country in the world would you say had the best airport food then ?
C Timpson - Thu, 26th Apr 2012
Very funny but also very true.
Mick Costa Blanca - Thu, 26th Apr 2012

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