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Further Adventures in ValenciSpanglish

By Jo Green - Wed 9th May 2012

My daughter’s school uses a different range of methods to teach the kids. For learning English (as a foreign language) she has a number of cartoon characters by the name of Cookie, Lulu and Denzel to teach them the numbers, colours, days of the week etc...

For learning Valencian, she has the characters of Mica and Ratoli.

(Perhaps by this stage I should have mentioned that she is 4 years old, and not in higher education...)

She often gets set some homework, which if it is in Castellano we can generally get by with, but struggle if it is in Valencian. Oddly enough we seem to do ok if it is in English.

But this week it was my daughters turn to bring the “Superllibre” home.

The Superllibre (Valencian for Super Book) is basically just that. It is a massive book, full of Blank pages where each child in the class takes it in turns to bring the book home for the weekend, together with a doll of both Mica and Ratoli, and then use a couple of the pages to decorate in any way they wish. Some kids did drawing, some added photos, and some drew puzzles, all with a few sentences of text describing what Mica and Ratoli did on their visit to the child’s house.

When I say ‘the child did the homework’, obviously I meant ‘the parents’.

Fortunately the teacher had the good sense to put the child with the idiot, Guiri parents way down the list, so we were fortunate in being able to look at what previous parents had done for their child, and then shamelessly copy it.

Another piece of good fortune was that the weekend that was our turn to have Mica and Ratoli visit, it also happened to be the local Fiesta in the village, and as such there was plenty going on for the kids to do. So we were able to write about Mica going on the bouncy castles, and having fun on the various games.

However, the one thing that I wasn’t prepared for was being mobbed by all the kids (and parents) of various ages.

Mica is clearly a local celebrity, as the ‘Superllibre’ with both Mica and Ratoli must have been something that previous years of children at the school (and parents) have done, as well as the dozen or so kids that have gone before us this year.

To be stopped by various people you don’t know and being quizzed in raving Valenciano about the whereabouts of the missing partner of a stuffed toy double-act is quite surreal.

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