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Mark Woodward
Business Development Manager

Travel Insurance : Can you afford to be without cover ?

By Mark Woodward - Fri 11th May 2012

Now is about the time of year when we are all thinking of taking a break from the daily grind and booking our summer holiday.

Some of the lucky ones will be going somewhere exotic but with the recession still looming over us the majority will be thinking of somewhere a little closer to home, even maybe a short trip back to the U.K to catch up with family and friends and escape the high summer heat.

When we travel to the U.K we tend not to bother with accommodation and we stay with the aforementioned family and friends so we go on line and book with a budget airline.

These airlines are notorious for not including all the fees upfront and what is advertised as a 39.99Ä flight soon becomes much more when bags, airport tax and credit card fees are paid, so when we get to the option of insurance we donít check the box to try and keep the price down and after all we are only going to England, where we have the right to free medical treatment right?

The harsh fact is that if you are a resident in Spain and travel with the NHIC card you are covered for only emergency treatment. You may feel that this is all you need but say for example you break your ankle that needs an operation. The emergency treatment would be the operation only and any aftercare including a hospital stay would not be covered. You may be discharged from hospital after a few days but the airline may not allow you to fly so your stay needs to be extended meaning you have to book new flights at a later date and further cost.

What if the emergency is more serious and involves a stay in an intensive care unit? Statistics show that one night in ICU can cost anything from 1000 pounds sterling a night depending on the level of care and medication received. Could you afford to rest and get better or would the mounting cost add to the stress that you and your family find yourself under?

Most people think that this would never happen to them or they have heard that the Government never bother to chase the debt but with every country under increasing pressure to stop spending now is the time that they are chasing to get the monies repaid. Your cheap break away could end in you paying for it for years to come.

Ibex Insurance is proud to be able to offer a policy which fully covers all eventualities including one of the best medical benefits on the market today. All policies also include cover for cancellation, curtailment, delays and loss of baggage and belongings.

Policies can be for a single trip or if you find yourself travelling regularly, maybe an annual policy would prove more cost effective for you and your family.

Donít leave it to fate and hope for the best, contact Ibex insurance to discuss your requirements in full and travel safe in the knowledge that Ibex have you covered.