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Mark Woodward
Business Development Manager

Medical Insurance for your pet

By Mark Woodward - Tue 19th Jun 2012

Many of us have companion pets, a cat or dog that is treated as a member of the family. Our cherished friends can live a long and happy life but just like humans they too can get into situations and accidents which might require a dash to the vets with an expensive bill to pick up afterwards.

A little bit of research by Ibex Insurance has shown that pet owners are more likely to claim on their pet insurance than their home or car insurance, also that one in three pets will need veterinary treatment each year !

A recent claim handled by Ibex Insurance was for a Cocker Spaniel who fell off a table and fractured its paw. It was rushed in a traumatised state, out of clinic hours, to the vets and required sedation, x-rays, blood tests and surgery. The bill came to 785, which was fully covered by the insurance. This owner had Bronze Pet Insurance cover with Ibex Insurance which shows that it makes good sense to protect your pet, after all one in three pets will go on to prove just that this year !

Before you dismiss Pet Insurance as being unnececessary consider this :

With 1 in 3 pets needing veterinary treatment each year, you are more likely to claim on your pet insurance than on your household or car insurance. Manage the unexpected with an Ibex Pet policy, with a choice of cover to suit your needs and pocket.

Ibex Pet Insurance offers you :

* Cover for your cat from only 2.30 per week

* Cover for your dog from only 3.37 per week

* Fixed annual cost, even if you make a claim

* Cover for vets fees

* Protection for cats and dogs from 8 weeks old

* Cover for costs relating to death from accident, loss by theft or straying, boarding fees and more.

* 3 levels of cover to suit your needs and pocket

Why not contact us today to find out how we can help protect and cover your pet today ?