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A week of smoke, lies and bullshit

By Mr Grumpy - Fri 29th Jun 2012

Following this week's news I fully intend to get my application in early for my chosen vocation in my next life.

I want to be a journalist. Not some crappy Journo for a local paper, writing about retiring school dinner ladies and school fetes etc... but some lofty and serious journalist writing about Spanish current affairs.

Think of Spain's answer to Jeremy Paxman, writing for Cinco dias, or El Economista or something along those lines...

Why ? Because almost every day this week, upon reading the news of the day I have uttered a stream of expletives as to why hardly anybody has had the balls to stand up to any of the countless politicians or public figures who have been spouting crap (again).

Time and time again so many of these public figures are allowed to give statements to the press that go unchallenged. And Sr Journalista just seemingly accepts these empty promises without making any challenges - and allowing these guys to get away with fobbing the general public off.

Why can't just one person stand up and say something along the lines of "Excuse me Mr so-and-so, but in reference to your previous statement last month, you are either lying, incompetent or talking bollocks..." ?

This week alone :

Carlos Fabra : President of Aerocas - the promoter and developer of Castellon airport, gave a talk to the chamber of commerce where he 'guaranteed' that the airport would be fully operational, and welcoming it's first flight by the 1st of January.

Yeah ? Excuse me if I think you are full of crap and have spun the same line to the press over and over again since the airport 'first opened' some 15 months ago.

Jesus Samper : President of Premursa - the promoter and developer of the Paramount Pictures Theme Park, spoke at his company's AGM on Wednesday where he 'guaranteed' that construction on the project would commence in October.

Yeah ? Just 3 months ago you were going to construct a park of 1.5 million sq mts, now it is less than 1 million. AND you still haven't got any investors lined up. Excuse me if I don't book my tickets for the first season in 2015 right now.

Murcia's President Valcarcel : Who this week 'Guaranteed' that Corvera international airport would be operational in October of this year.

That's after the first deadline of May 2011 being overshot. AND a small matter of military airspace having to be re-jigged beforehand (Which nobody seems to have queried why this issue was not addressed much earlier in the process)

Mariano Rajoy : Upon assuming position of Prime Minister almost 6 months ago to the day, Rajoy 'Guaranteed' that he would not increase taxes.

Now it seems that the cabinet is 'considering; increasing the rate of IVA. Only he hasn't had the balls to tell us yet.

I'm just thinking that it would be refreshing to have somebody challenge these guys to make them realise that nobody believes a word that they say any more.

Comment on this Blog

This is one of the Spanish Mystery Plays!
Mo - Sun, 13th Jan 2013
Well, it only took 6 months after writing this Blog for all 4 of the Politicians to be proved to be the Bullshitters that they are ! - If any of them were heading up a private company they would have been ousted long ago - why are thos in public office allowed to get away with it for so long ?
Mr Grumpy - Sun, 13th Jan 2013
Sadly very prophetic, Mr Grumpy
C Timpson - Mon, 31st Dec 2012
Maese Gru˝ˇn, in Spain we have enough pain. The scum of valencian burgeoise (fabras, cotinos, costas, camps, etc. and so on) can't catch the level of excellence of your etonian boys (camerons et al.). Pray a Paternoster and a Salve Maria. Maybe it doesn't hurt.
Sareb El Malo - Sun, 16th Dec 2012
As far as your "smoke / lies / and bullshit" is concerned this country could well be cloned with the UK......
Pessimistic - Tue, 9th Oct 2012
I couldn┤t agree more. I did want to be a journalist but all those fŔtes put me off. Now, however, I┤d rather cover the retiring dinner ladies and lollipop women as they┤re much more worthy of attention than the Fabras (father and daughter) of this world/Country.
Mo - Wed, 18th Jul 2012
Ok, now at least he has the balls to 'fess up and admit that IVA has to increase !
Mr Grumpy - Wed, 11th Jul 2012
Go for it, you'll do a great job! In the meantime, watch El Intermedio on La Sexta.
Alcalaina - Sun, 8th Jul 2012
Corvera airport, Castellon airport and the Paramount theme park are just the tip of the iceberg. How many other 'lower profile' projects must the regional and national governments be blundering their way through at this very moment in time. I shudder to think !
Peter Hopkins - Fri, 6th Jul 2012
That is If anyone ever believed a word they said in the first place that is... !!
Ed Bishop - Sat, 30th Jun 2012

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