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Too Many Cliche's to Mention...

By Mr Grumpy - Thu 12th Jul 2012

”The head is engaged”; “The final countdown”; “Friday the 13th”.... the potential cliche’s are too numerous to mention, and would quite possibly make a News of the World Journalist choke on his Woodbines.

And sadly I could probably come up with a few more myself if I had the time and inclination.

Despite what is going in the Spanish news at this very moment in time – making the whole “Friday the 13th” thing quite topical, I have my own personal reasons for this too.

As I am typing this blog at this very moment I am sat approx 250 kms away from home in some generic and synthetic roadside hotel supposedly preparing for an important meeting tomorrow morning.

Not so bad, you might think (You might also think that I should have forked out a few quid extra to stay somewhere decent, but that is not my gripe here)

The Mrs, 40 weeks into her pregnancy, has just an hour ago received a call from the Doctor’s telling her that the blood test – which she gave three days ago – indicates that she should go to Hospital at 2pm tomorrow where she “MIGHT” have to induced.

And all the while here I am, stuck like Jack Nicholson in “The Shining” in some random, grotty hotel in the arse-end of nowhere (actually, thinking about it I’m more like Alan Partridge in his Travelodge).

Obviously I explained to the Mrs that I am more than happy to drive back to spend the time with her at the Hospital appointment, but she quite reasonably (I thought) pointed out that even if she is induced I can still make it to the Hospital in plenty of time – She gave birth 24 hours after being induced last time round (Typical woman, likes to take her time getting ready)

(Another bonus is that it lets me get my last half-decent night’s sleep for a few months.)

However, one thing that she did task me with is giving further thoughts to what she referred to as a “Proper name” (You can read her thoughts on this one via her blog by clicking HERE).

In one of the Villages close to where I was born it was common (a few generations back at least) to give boys a girls’ name – Shirley Crabtree was one famous example (Of “Big Daddy” fame). Another Yorkshire tradition is for the firstborn son to take the mother’s Maiden name as his Christian name. However, as we are not married that resulting name of any first born under these conditions would be “Green Wells”, which sounds like a nature reserve or a children’ theme park.

I think it would be refreshingly topical and current use ‘Mariano’ if it is a boy. Any thoughts ?

For now It is a waiting game until tomorrow. I think I’ll have another cup of synthetic coffee and use the Corby trouser press just one more time.

I’ll keep you posted on any developments.

Comment on this Blog

Thanks for all the good wishes. Six days in and I am being stopped in the street by countless female strangers asking about the baby and her weight : funny how it seems to be an exclusively female question ...
Mr Grumpy - Sat, 21st Jul 2012
Congrats and best wishes to you, Jo and Lucia! It's a beautiful name.
Alcalaina - Thu, 19th Jul 2012
Congratulations Mr Grumpy! Glad to hear everything went well and your new daughter has arrived safely!! Best of luck, good health and wishes to you all!!
Ed Bishop - Mon, 16th Jul 2012
Despite a number of cock-up's en route, Lucia arrived at 2 am
Mr Grumpy - Mon, 16th Jul 2012
8.00 pm - Made it back home, No induced Mrs : Doctor informs that new addition will be arrive Fri nite / Sat am of it's own accord. (And thanks Tony, will pass the suggestion on to the Mrs)
Mr Grumpy - Fri, 13th Jul 2012
If its a boy - easy - Antonio meaning "valuable "which would encompass the Spanish connection and both his grandparents (Tony). If its another Girl finding a name is only the start of the problem ! Sara (meaning noble lady) comes to mind.
Tony Green - Fri, 13th Jul 2012

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