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How NOT to ask for a multi-billion euro bailout

By Mr Grumpy - Tue 11th Sep 2012

When I was growing up, like most people of the non-ASBO generation, I was taught the importance of saying please and thankyou.

I was taught to appreciate every gesture of help and assistance that was offered to me - no matter how small - and to give thought to the sacrifice of others that had made it possible for me to experience this little comfort.

At Birthdays and Christmas I was bullied mercilessly by my parents into writing countless "thankyou letters" for gifts that I had recieved from my Great Aunt Mildred for the flower-pressing kit, or caligraphy set, or some other unwanted gift that an 8 year old would be less than enthused by.

Of course, as time passed this taught me the importance of manners, and how to graciously thank people for their kind gestures towards me, and taught me the importance of making similar gestures to others.

So when I read the news this morning I was more than a little peturbed.

Sr Rajoy, it seems, has given a statement to the press saying how He is not prepared to accept any unreasonable terms imposed by the ECB in exchange for a 100 billion bailout.

I must admit, I am confused....

Rajoy seemingly expects the rest of Europe to hand over their hard earned cash to help Spain overcome their financial struggles in exchange for nothing more than a scribbled note from Rajoy promising that "I must do better".

Apparently it is unreasonable to ask the country to stop building airports, railways and public works projects for just a short while and practice a little more austerity in exchange for a multi-billion euro lifeline.

Maybe he has one eye on the coming Galician and Basque regional elections, or maybe he is just shit-scared of the lash back from the voting public ?

Either way, a "Thankyou" couldn't have hurt that much.

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