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I Forgot My Orange Juice

By Mr Grumpy - Fri 30th Nov 2012

I normally pride myself on having in excess of sub-normal intelligence, however this week I had one of those moments where you finally see a connection between two situations or circumstances. One of those things that is totally obvious to the next person, and something that has taken you decades to put next to each other, making you feel pretty stupid that it never occurred to you earlier.

Kind of like using your kettle as a water jug but boiling your water in a pan on the stove at the same time, in blissful ignorance.

However, earlier on today I was going through my old CD collection and decided to play one of my favourites when the penny finally dropped....

Coming from the People’s republic of Yorkshire, Brass Band music is obviously close to my heart, and it was only as I came to paly one of my favourite tracks - "Orange Juice" - that I realised that it's correct name "Rodriguez conceirto de Aranjuez" was actually composed in commemoration of the Town by the same name on the outskirts of Madrid.

If I was a character in a Tom and Jerry cartoon a light bulb would have suddenly appeared above my head. I knew that Rodrigo was a Spanish classical composer, I knew that Aranjuez was a location in central Spain, and I knew that it was one of my favourite Brass Band pieces (Hold the witty and sarcastic comment for a moment – I know I have eclectic tastes...) so, why had it taken me so long to finally put the two together ?

I promise to try and take more notice of the seemingly obvious in future.

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