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El Gordo Christmas Lottery : Facts and Superstitions

By The Equalizer - Sat 8th Dec 2012

Stoical, Practical, Pragmatic, level-headed... just a few words that could be applied to describe the stereotypical Spaniard.

Not superstitious.

However, once a year on the run up to Christmas, it seems that all of this goes out of the window, and it is open season for all kinds of weird and unusual behaviour.

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To understand why so many people change their patterns of behaviour so radically for just a few weeks, you first need to understand the importance of ‘the fat one’.

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Spain’s El Gordo Spanish Lottery is the oldest and largest of its kind. Drawn once per year a few days before Christmas, it allows communities, neighbours, friends, family and drinking buddies to come together to buy a share in multiple tickets and stand a reasonable chance of winning a given amount of money.

Because a limited number of tickets are printed every year – and always sold out – the prize fund can be given with certainty. For 2012 – as it was in 2011 – the total prize fund is 2.5 Billion Euros.

The draw itself and prize fund structure is a long and complicated process, but it's unique formula allows many more 'winners' than other more conventional lottery draws. Each ticket sold is numbered from 00000 to 99999 and each number can be sold 180 times, hence the 180 winners. The odds on winning a one-tenth share of the jackpot prize of 4 Million Euros is placed at 1:1’000’000, with the odds on winning any kind of prize being placed at 1:7. By Comparison, the odds on winning the jackpot in the UK’s National lottery are 1:14’000’000 and 1:54 for winning a smaller prize.

Fans of El Gordo applaud the fact that it allows a far greater number of people the opportunity to win (an albeit smaller) amount of money, unlike in the UK where it is common for just 1 person to win £200 Million.

Why superstitious ?

El Gordo tickets are printed with 5 numbers, and each Province and major city is assigned its own series of numbers. It is by no means uncommon for Spaniards to travel across the country for a chance of owning a ticket bearing their lucky numbers – such as birthdays, or telephone numbers etc...

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Furthermore, certain 'Loterias y Apuestas del Estado' have found themselves with a reputation for being lucky, with specially laid on coach parties bring tourists to their doors every December for no other reason than to just purchase their very own lucky ticket.

Kiosk Booth 1 at Madrid Town hall, and the ‘Bruja Ora’ Bar in the town of Sort – Catalan for ‘luck’, are believed to be just two such places, which have both sold winning lottery tickets in the past.

More on How to Play the Spanish Lotteries by clicking the link >> HERE <<.

What is certain is that almost every Cafe, Bar, restaurant and office will have either the radio or television switched on for the morning of December 22nd, when the children from the choir of the San Ildefonso primary school in Madrid will sing out the winning numbers.

Those who find themselves unable to buy a ticket from their local kiosk can also buy a ticket online from various sources.

Comment on this Blog

A total con, Keith - you can see the thoughts on the matter from one of out other Blogger by clicking on the link HERE
Tumbit - Admin - Sat, 21st Dec 2013
Do not forget to update this article with the important fact that now the Spanish Government has decided that every prize over 2500 € will be taxed at 20 %.
Keith Lynwood - Sat, 21st Dec 2013

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