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The EU Court of Human Wrongs

By Mr Grumpy - Thu 30th May 2013

Which sad, friendless nobody actually decided that the EU would be a good idea ?

Aside from employing a total of 33’000 staff – which I know from browsing one of their gazillion pointless websites (which also told me their age, sex, nationality and shoe size) – all I can see is that they are some kind of charity scheme employing people who would simply be unable to work for a living in the real world.

But the festering turd in the sanitary system that is the EU must surely be the European Court of Human Rights.

Billed as “the highest court in Europe” and apparently dedicated to protecting the Human Rights of oppressed individuals across the continent, they have morphed into nothing more than a joke. And an expensive one at that.

Why is it that the vast majority of the time and resources of the ECHR is spent in fast-tracking cases of paedophiles wishing to protect their anonymity, convicted prisoners complaining about their right to vote in general elections, or terror suspects fighting deportation to their country of origin on grounds that they would be tortured there. Not that I’d lose much sleep if any of the above didn’t get their own way.

And why does the same entity sit on their hands when it comes to protecting the rights of those unworthy individuals who find themselves the victim of some ‘real’ crime or wrong-doing, as opposed to being the perpetrator ?

Anyone who has lived in Spain for more than the usual honeymoon period will have undoubtedly heard of the case of Len and Helen Prior, who have been fighting the Junta de Andalusia for years due to having their property demolished on grounds of illegal permission, which they had granted themselves.

It is bad enough that every-day citizens of the EU should have their cases heard alongside convicted criminals, but when the rights of the likes of Abu Q’tada are held in greater esteem than the likes of the Priors – to name just one case – just adds to the insult.

Who actually employs the fools that “Judge” these cases anyway ? They aren’t elected by the general public, and certainly don’t represent us or our best interests.

Comment on this Blog

I may be wrong but I think you might find Cherie Blair and a company called Matrix have something in common with the human rights system.....rumour was she may have "leant" on the PM......
Pessimistic - Sun, 16th Jun 2013
Hey its a Blog David, an opinion, and not a statement of fact. I may not be up on my history of the creation of the entity, but it doesnt change my opinion on how useful it may or may not be.
Mr Grumpy - Fri, 31st May 2013
I suggest you re-write this. You have made one fundamental error of fact which detracts from any opinion you may have. I say that even though I don't agree with you. The European Court of Human Rights is NOT an EU institution. It was established post WW11 an gas 47 member state signatories covering MORE than the EU Get you facts right first then at least the opinion can be debated
David Goodall - Thu, 30th May 2013

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