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Mr Grumpy - Last of the Spanish Trendsetters

By Mr Grumpy - Sat 6th Jul 2013

It might not come any great surprise, but I have never been spotted on the red carpet with Jean Paul Gaultier. Nor have I exchanged Christmas cards with Posh Spice, and I dare say that I am not in Gok Wan’s i-Phone.

To be honest, if anyone asks me “who I am wearing” I am most likely to answer George at Asda than I am Dolce & Gabbana, and I have rarely been known to venture the top side of a crisp fiver when shopping at Primark.

So, certainly as far as style is concerned, I would usually laugh in the face of anybody mad enough to call me a trendsetter.

However, over the course of the last 12 months it seems that I have become exactly that.

Just not as far as the rags that I am generally seen wearing are concerned.

That said, it is almost 12 months to the day that I blogged about the imminent arrival of my daughter. As Mrs Grumpy was packing the overnight bag, I was packing my bag for a business trip away from home and took the opportunity to rattle off a quick Blog - “Too many clichés to mention ” – Similarly, she did her own Blog lamenting the fact that we were struggling to decide upon a name for our new arrival – “39 Weeks pregnant : Still no name ”.

Literally a few hours before the birth we finally decided upon our choice of his & hers names, as we still wasn’t sure of the sex at that time, and chose the name that my daughter was eventually given : Lucia.

With the seseo, if possible, but still acceptable if not.

And now, just last week the Spain’s National Institute of Statistics (INE) have reported how the name Lucia was the No.1 most popular name for Baby Girls in Spain during the whole of 2012. Apparently during 2012 a total of 6’363 more baby girls were given the name Lucia than during the whole of 2011. All this at a time when the birth rate is falling.

So just as the UK has hundreds of 24 year old Kylies staggering around Wetherspoons at the moment, I am sure that the popularity of the name Lucia will become more and more apparent over the course of the next few years.

Comment on this Blog

Congrats on your new addition! Lucia it is - a lovely name... and who cares if it's really popular?! Elle xx PS: Gok Wan has me on his phone... but refuses to share me with the Beckhams ;)
Elle - Sat, 6th Jul 2013

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