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Investing in Spanish Banks? - Take a look at our Investment returns

By Premier Pension Solutions SL - Sat 13th Jul 2013

With interest rates set to remain low for the foreseeable future and with the introduction of a cap on rates that Spanish Banks can pay on bank deposits it can be a challenge to ensure that your savings maintain growth at least matching that of inflation let alone growing above that.

There are other options over and above typical savings and fixed deposit accounts that can provide a longer term and secure home for your money. Many believe that investing their hard earned funds in investments is a risk not worth taking, however there may be a bigger risk in leaving your funds earning little more than 2% per annum which is then normally taxed at a rate of around 20%.

We offer a range of carefully constructed and managed investment portfolios with some of the most recognised and respected fund managers in the world. They can be designed for both capital growth and income and can be held in either Sterling or Euros. There is a category for almost every risk ranging from Defensive through to Cautious, Balanced, Growth and Aggressive.

All the portfolios allow for 24/7 online reporting with daily fund prices and commentary all held within a fully recognised and regulated UK FCA (Financial Conducts Authority formally the Financial Services Authority) company. Funds can be invested either directly in a QROPS or through a Spanish Compliant Investment Bond allowing for tax reductions all of which are compliant with the new asset reporting requirements in Spain.

Below are the performance figures for a range of portfolios which show 2012 and year to date. As with all investment past performance is no guide to the future and discretionary portfolio management may not be right for everybody.

Risk Category 2012 YTD to 31st May 2013
Defensive 5.07% 4.48%
Cautious 4.12% 7.84%
Balanced 7.78% 9.00%
Growth 8.04% 11.19%
Aggressive 10.14% 14.60%

If you wish to discuss your exiting investment portfolio or savings accounts or are looking to invest for either capital growth or income please contact us to take advantage of our complimentary review. We have at our disposal pension and investment analysts who can review and make recommendations on how to improve your existing situation through fully regulated products with the strongest of investor protection.