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How NOT to have a baby in Spain

By Mr Grumpy - Sun 28th Jul 2013

Let’s face it : The Spanish Government are selfish Bastards.

In these times of austerity, where everything has been taxed – and then taxed some more - it is pretty bad form to levy a tax on sex.

Good old fashioned sex – pretty much one of the only forms of entertainment not to annihilate your wallet (if you exclude the wine and roses beforehand) – has been something that so many generations before us have been able to enjoy. And now the Arseholes in Madrid are trying to put paid to it.

Mrs Grumpy – Sorry, Jo Green, has blogged Ad Nauseum about ”Having a Baby in Spain” and all things Mummsy, so I thought I’d have a go at Blogging about ‘How NOT to have a baby in Spain’...

The Baby Boom years of the late 1940s – when contraception was pretty much unheard of – saw those wishing to find a few moments peace away from the misery of post-war austerity find some solace in a bit of slap of tickle. The resulting and inevitable subsequent boom in childbirth is well documented.

And then, twenty-odd years later, their children were able to enjoy the same lost cost pastime during the austere years of the 3 Day week and the General Strike and Power Cuts and so on.... again, resulting in more than one or two hastily planned marriages.

And then finally, and certainly as far as Spain is concerned, after years of rebelling against the Conservative Franco years and grip of the Catholic Church, education finally prevails until everybody in the nation is aware of the importance of contraception.

... And then, like a sleazy drug dealer who has worked hard to get his claws into a victim by feeding their habit with a loss-leading fix, state subsidised contraception is withdrawn.

Just last week the Spanish Government announced that they had taken 8 forms of “third generation” oral contraception off the subsidised prescription drugs list. And therefore the latest, most effective and safest ?

The cost of a packet of such contraception has now more than quadrupled to (in some cases) as much as €18.

Those with slightly less wine inside them than me at this moment in time might argue that it is simply a case of the Conservative PP Government wishing to impose their family values on the nation.

Personally, I see it as nothing more than a tax on sex. And as such I can only urge everybody to get their monies worth before the ‘Cost Living’ increases any more.

Then again, I am also busy wondering if Michael O’Leary and his cronies at Ryanair are in the midsts of scheming a way to undercut Rajoy and his bunch of grey suits.

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