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Grimm Tales

By Mr Grumpy - Thu 29th Aug 2013

When I was ‘nobbut a nipper I used to love reading Grimm’s Fairy Tales, Parables and Aesop’s Fables and the like.

Sure, the whole ‘Morals and Allegories’ side of things invariably needed explaining to me, often only becoming apparent many years later, when I probably should have moved on to more challenging reading material.

And then reading through last week’s news I had one of those flashback moments. Only I didn’t have a funny turn in the shower and lose whole periods of my life like Bobby Ewing in Dallas.

Bear with me on this one and see if you can see the parallels :

The Emperor’s New Clothes : Whereby the Emperor believed the crap he was being fed by all his minions, despite all evidence pointing to the contrary... Reminiscent of when Minister of the Economy Luis de Guindos earlier this week insisted that Spain’s recent fall in unemployment would not be a seasonal phenomena. Who is going to be the little kid who points out the blindingly Obvious ? – That Employment figures rise every June and then fall again every September like the tides of the sea.

The Tortoise and the Hare : Where the athletic Hare speeds off at breakneck speed, yet the lowly Tortoise is the only one to successfully finish the race... Does this ring any bells with the situation at Castellon Airport ? Even though the Airport has been a decade in the planning earlier this week it was reported how a small matter of refuelling facilities had been ‘overlooked’. Worse still, ‘lowly’ Teruel Airport has managed to open as some kind of Intergalactic space station in a fraction of the time.

David and Goliath : Where the Giant was slain by a smaller opponent. Surely Spain can’t hope to succeed in their quest to bully Gibraltar in submission ?

The Boy Who Cried Wolf : Keep on banging the same drum, and nobody will listen, let alone believe you... One week down the line, and the “Panther” has still not been caught, let alone the sighting confirmed.

Whilst the whole issue of Spanish Politics in general mostly floats waaaay above my head, I can’t help but feel that the current administration is being fronted by the Seven Dwarves and need to take their roles with a little more responsibility - Maybe one of these days somebody will hold them to account for the bullshit we seem to be continually being fed these days ?

Comment on this Blog

Whatever happened with "The Almeria Panther" ? Was it ever caught ? Are they still looking for it ?
C Shaw - Wed, 11th Sep 2013

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