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Mr Grumpy : Sexist and Proud

By Mr Grumpy - Mon 16th Sep 2013

The sale of annual calendars to raise money for various charities is nothing new.

And whilst the likes of Jordan or Peter Andre and other talentless nobodies try and plump up their already swollen and ill-deserved bank accounts, I can't help but wonder why so many Charity Calendars get such a bad rap.

Why, when people actually bother to get off their arses and do something positive to promote their causes, is there always a collective of sad, friendless nobodies ready to belittle their efforts ? Surely this negativity is just encouraging such charities to stand outside Supermarkets shaking tins, posting out begging letters, making Televised appeals or applying for Lottery grants as opposed to actually doing something proactive and worthwhile.

So recent news that the Mums of the Evaristo Calatayud School in Montserrat, Valencia, were to attempt to repeat the success of their Christmas calendar last year obviously attracted the expected negative comments from the usual Lefties.

The same group who complained about Ryanair's Charity Calendar over the terrible crime of raising 200k last year - The Provincial Association of Housewives and Consumers of Valencia - has once again complained that such an activity is "Sexist and Exploitative".

Does that then make the supporter of such a charity, or charitable event "sexist" ?

The Group, it seems, believes that the act of a community or workforce doing something altruistic and light-heartedly making fun of themselves for the benefit of others, is an evil and cowardly practice.

The resulting funds to finance the protecting of health, safety, well being and education of so many local underprivileged children are to be scorned, it seems.

Much better, according to the Provincial Association of Housewives and Consumers of Valencia, to buy a calendar from a charitable cause and perfect role model to young girls, such as the pneumatic Jordan, or whatever she is calling herself this week.

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Comment on this Blog

Last month Ryanair invited charities and good causes to apply to share in he funds raised by sales of this year's calendar. I wonder if the Provincial Association of Housewives have sent a begging letter ?
Elaine Patterson - Thu, 19th Sep 2013

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