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Barry Floyd
Head of Operations & Marketing

Why Plan your Funeral now ?

By Barry Floyd - Thu 7th Oct 2010

None of us will live forever, it's a fact, but making plans for your funeral can lessen the burden on your surviving family or friends.

Although it may be a difficult chore, it is generally a good idea to pre-plan your funeral, not only does this ensure that you get the send-off that you want, but it also removes what could be a heavy financial strain on your loved ones.

It has been reported that the cost of funerals have nearly doubled in the last 10 years and many people are increasingly investing in plans at a fixed price. Having the security of a funeral plan will help cover the costs and it doesn't matter whether you are single, with or without children, or married, a well thought out plan can easily be put together and surprisingly affordable.

If you take into account the costs of ministers' fees, a coffin, cars and a plot, it's amazing how quickly it all adds up.


According to Spanish law, remains must either be (i) preserved or (ii) embalmed by an undertaker within 48 hours of the death. National undertakers usually embalm foreign nationals (rather then preserving them), as this is required should there be a need to transfer the body out of Spanish territory. Bear in mind that whoever is left behind to deal with your affairs will also have to cover the cost of repatriation if there is no insurance in place. Many Spanish undertakers are able to carry out repatriation procedures and can provide the correct caskets for the transfer of the deceased back to the UK. They will also deal with the local civil registry death certificate, a certificate of embalming and the certificate giving permission to transfer the body back to the UK.

A local burial in Spain often means in an above ground crypt and the rights to this crypt are normally held for 5 years, unless purchased for longer.

Cremation is the alternative and there is less paperwork involved should you want your ashes transported back to the UK. Airline regulations stipulate that ashes must be placed in luggage for the hold or sent as cargo and cannot be transported as hand luggage.

If the local undertaker in Spain does not speak any English then contact the British Consulate staff as they will assist with any Communication.

Out of office hours telephone numbers for the Alicante area are 96 521 61 90/ 96 521 60 22. Located in Plaza de Calvo Sotelo, 1, 2o. Apdo. de Correos 564 03001 Alicante.